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A Pocketful of Hope

--by cassiemeadows, posted Sep 29, 2008

Here's a quick reminder to all of you when you get stuck in a moment --- that, somewhere out there, someone always comes along with a pocket full of hope.

Today I spent all my coins and dollar bills on little deeds. I had skipped breakfast because the clock was ticking away too quickly.  On top of the mad rush, I forgot my lunch. I was going to buy my lunch along the way, but a person in need asked me if I could spare them some cash, so I decided that moment, to put them first.

So, then later, that evening, I was heading home anxiously awaiting dinner, when I got a call from my Mom saying that she was stuck working the late night shift and wouldn't be able to make it to the market to pick up groceries. Even though there was no food in the house, I took a step back for a second, and I told my Mom not to worry as I would surely find myself something on which to munch. :) 

While I was still processing this sudden set of changes in my food options for the day, I passed a young man with a broad smile handing out crunchy samples of crackers at a supermarket stand. He gave me a packet and then did a double take saying,  "How about  you take some more for school tomorrow?" In response to that, I opened up my heart by returning a warm smile to him and also opened up my plastic carry on bag as he gladly filled it with 20 little crunchy packets. I was thrilled.

Whether you call it luck, fate, serendipity or the stroke of the universe,  I just wanted to say that somewhere out there somebody came along carrying a glimpse of hope in his heart and shared a piece of it with me! Somebody out there will one day do the same for you!

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apocketfulof h.o.p.e wrote: I loved the story,i have so many true story's like this one, reason being is that i live in a recovery home for women, i am the founder and for the last year and a half i have seen first hand how just giving a little hope can change peoples lives forever,thanks for the story, i needed a full-up of grase and hope it is what keeps me going. Cynthia bellino
Lizard10 wrote: Your act of kindness was repaid 10 fold. You are a true blessing. You have touched my heart today :)
mary wrote: I need someone out their to give me a pocket full of hope for my son who is loosing himself to drugs can any body help
ryan wrote: You are blessed
Princess wrote: Cassie you know wat a hand that giveth is blessed and so shall it be done to you. Congrats i love it so much.

Keep it up dear.

You are of more encouragement to me.
norman wrote: Seems your generosity earlier in the day paid off later. Seems one of those instances where things happen, for whatever reason, then later on you realise somebody had a big plan for it. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement. A little turn, certainly deserves another. You definately got it pal.
StarBrite wrote: You reached out with kindness and it was returned to you. God bless. ~starbrite
BedBug wrote: Everything happens for a reason! I'm so glad you had this affirming encounter.
gianjot wrote: I am so happy for you - that is a lovely story.
Deb wrote: Thanks for this story. I've also been trying to be kinder each day and blogging about it (www. Gooddeedaday. Wordpress. Com) in a lighthearted way. Keep up the good work. :) deb

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