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A Table for Three

--by dandytash, posted Oct 14, 2008

My fiancee and I decided today was the day to finally treat ourselves to a nice dinner. It started off as 'our' day' but little did we know that it would turn into much more. I didn't want the whole day to be about yearning to leave the office for the upcoming dinner and I didn't want the dinner to be just another romantic night for two... So, I felt compelled to turn up the notch of giving that day and see what that could do. 

During the work day,  I began in small ways. I inserted a few more quarters, dimes, and nickels, into the vending machines at work for the staff, so that something extra jingled inside for the next hungry worker. I posted smile signs in the lobby which gave clear instructions on how to smile as employees entered the office, either before their morning cup of coffee or right before a meeting with their boss. I drafted some powerful words of inspiration on colorful strips of paper and decorated my cube, so that any colleagues who came by, might just stop for a moment, read, and perhaps change their mood.

Oh, and when it came time for our lovely dinner to come to a close that night,  I left the server a hearty tip and a well-wishing note for her to have a wonderful day after thanking her for all of her kind service. As my fiancee and I were collecting our dinner mints and were just about to leave our table,  the waitress broke down in tears beside us, as she clutched the note in her hand . We asked her to sit down with us and we just listened. As an emotional mother-to-be, I too, cried along with her. Our table for two was now for three. :)

It was a day that was not just ours, but it was the waitress' day, my co-workers' day, and now it is your day too! 

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khillcrest68 wrote: Yes this is our day, the day the lord gave us to show or graditude to him and others for all that has been done for us. Our time to give some back.
thaata wrote: Thanks for making my day with this wonderful story. Your idea of fun and celebration is really cool and involved so many. Thanks.
Muhammad wrote: We need more people like you in this world! Thanks for sharing those ideas, i will definitely be using them.
Chuck Bartok wrote: Touching story that justreinforces the true saying give more, get more
Kirit wrote: Friend you really made my day. Thanks, god bless you both.
Johnbaptist wrote: If we could only make these happenings a chain! Lovely thoughtfulness.
carol wrote: Sometimes you think these stories are the same thing over and over, but in times like these maybe we need to up the ante and really remember how little we can do , but deliberately do these acts to make a dent in this world
Trish wrote: That was luvly, i was having a bad day, feeling a bit negative, so now the tone is set for my evening, dinner is almost up now, so lets craic open a bottle and enjoy
Janne wrote: Thank you -- as a waitress, i am touched by your consideration, both in terms of the gratuity and your ability to listen. We serve, and often feel pretty drained. A special note to everyone who experiences someone else who offers them service. Please remember, you never know what kind of day s/he is having -- you can make a difference.
wendy wrote: This was a very lovely story you never know whose life you are going to impact day to day so its important that you are always treating people as you would like to be treated! Be blessed

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