Who We Are

In the summer of 2003 a kitchen table conversation between the founder of ServicSpace and a young college student unleashed the tidal wave of kindness now known as KindSpring. Discussing the unpleasant ritual of hazing that takes place in frat houses across the country, the two wondered aloud what would happen if the intention behind playing pranks on people was flipped on its head. What if instead of playing mean practical jokes, people started playing kindness pranks on each other? What if they left an anonymous calling card behind inviting the recipient to pay-it-forward and keep the spirit going?

A small team of volunteers immediately put their heads and hearts together to set things in motion. Within the span of a week the first Smile Card had been drafted and within the month the first set had been printed and were in play. There was no looking back. As more and more people all over the world began to request Smile Card this website was created so that they would have a way of sharing their stories and cheering each other on. Today Smile Cards have been translated into close to a dozen different languages and we've shipped more than a million cards to over 90 countries across the globe.

Everything here is (and always will be) a labor of love. This is a 100% advertisement-free portal, run 100% by volunteers. Our wonderful team is comprised of scores of dedicated individuals located in far flung countries. Together we send out a weekly kindness newsletter without any hidden agenda, we ship Smile Cards all over the world for free and we allow people anywhere to download, print and republish our content without any restrictions. Generosity is generative -- the good circles back to support us in myriad ways. Some people share creative ideas of compassion, some contribute stories of inspiration, some sponsor cards for others -- and in all these and many other ways the kindness just keeps spreading! We're just grateful for the opportunity to be humble instruments along the way.


Team Leads

  • Ana miller

    Ana Miller is based in Chippenham, UK, and is a former Clinical Psychologist, researcher, and mum with a passionate curiosity about other cultures and a deep love for stories. She is also the irrepressible leader of our Community Weavers Team.
  • Arathi ravichandran

    Arathi Ravichandran is based in Boston, MA and is our Lead Editor and publisher of the weekly newsletter. A vibrant public health major, she hosts meditation circles, and is passionate about yoga, and the outdoors. She recently rode her bike across the country doing small acts of kindness!
  • BELa shah

    Bela Shah is based in Berkeley, CA and is co-lead of the Kindness Contest. She is dedicated to searching for beauty within and without in our world. Bela thinks of stories as fuel for the spirit, and as a dedicated Forest Call scribe helps profile lives of service.
  • geoff nedry

    Geoff Nedry is based in Gilbert, AZ and has worn many hats as a Smile Card Shipper, Community Weaver and now also the Voice of KindSpring! This is his favorite site in the world by far :) And his nine-year-old daughter is his trusty partner-in-kindness.
  • manisha pahwa

    Manisha Pahwa is based in Toronto, Canada and is co-lead of the Kindness Contest. This gentle spirit enjoys practicing stillness, kindness and gratitude. As a writer with DailyGood her gift with words regularly ripples out to touch many hearts.
  • nipun mehta

    Nipun Mehta is the Founder of ServiceSpace, our mothership. Nipun likes to do random acts of kindness and blow people away with generosity. He's the visionary behind KindSpring and invisibly helps manage its many moving parts behind the scenes.
  • sujatha babu

    Sujatha Babu is based in Chennai, India. This longtime ServiceSpace volunteer was a process reengineering guru in her former life. She is now pursuing a PhD in mathematics while leading the Smile Shipping Team with a trademark combination of efficiency, reliability and grace.
  • trishna shah

    Trishna Shah is based out of London, where she regularly hosts Awakin circles and local service events (even with Nobel Laureates!). Her clear head, open heart and eye for detail make so much happen! She is also the Chief Coordinator for KindSpring and a young mom who can often be found doing acts of kindness with her toddler.


  • audrey lin

    Audrey Lin is based in Berkeley, CA and is a Story Editor for KindSpring. This sincere pilgrim of life is also a poet, Forest Call scribe, passionate teacher and phenomenal baker. To know her is to love her (and her vegan chocolate chip cookies!)
  • david mclaughlan

    David McLaughlan is based in Ayrshire, UK. He is a Story Editor for KindSpring, and also a husband, father and freelance writer who focuses on matters of faith and kindness. His book The Extra in the Ordinary is full of wise reflections on daily living.
  • paul van slambrouck

    Paul van Slambrouck is based in San Francisco, CA. This former head of the CS Monitor is also a Story Editor for KindSpring. He broke the first story on ServiceSpace in 1997 and has stayed connected ever since! Now he is co-authoring a book on ServiceSpace and the gift economy.

community weavers

  • Ann javoroski

    Ann Javoroski is based in Kingsford, Michigan, Ann is a Community Weaver and retired nurse living half the year in, as she puts it, "a land of snow and ice." She loves the opportunity to spread kindness in the world right from her own home.
  • hasifa meriam

    Hasifa Meriam is an HR Manager who often travels the road less traveled. She is one of our Community Weavers and is based out of Cypress, Texas.
  • jodi collett

    Jodi Collett lives in the beautiful Isle of Wight in the UK. Family plays a key role in her life, and alongside her work as a child-minder she is a Community Weaver and Smile Card Shipper with KindSpring.
  • patricia barnett

    Patricia Barnett lives in Surrey, UK with her husband, two rescue cats and 6 chickens. She loves making afghans for underserved children, and teaches yoga, meditation and secondary school. She is a fantastic Community Weaver on the team!
  • tamilyn tegstrom

    Tamilyn Tegstrom hails from British Columbia, Canada and enjoys the great outdoors. An artist and photographer who aspires to live in constant gratitude she is a Community Weaver on our team.

smile shippers

  • anu sundaram

    Anu Sundaram is based out of the US and has a huge heart. She claims to have been a selfish kid who through meditation and life experience was drawn towards helping others. When her cup of gratitude overflowed she became one of our Smile Card Shippers.
  • bharani govindasamy

    Bharani Govindasamy one of our long-time Smile Card Shippers is also one of those quiet heroes ever-ready to lend a hand when a teammate needs extra help! She is based out of Santa Clara, CA.
  • brinda govindan

    Brinda Govindan is a Smile Card Shipper, educator, mother and deep believer in the power of volunteering. She has read for the blind, served at soup kitchens and even been a scientist-pen-pal for schoolchildren!
  • carol asher

    Carol Asher is based out of California, and has a heart of gold. Whether washing dishes at Karma Kitchen or mailing out smile cards her spirit shines through. She is a Smile Card Shipper on our team.
  • darcy rickard

    Darcy Rickard is based in Cohoes, New York. She believes that there is MAGIC in creativity, and that everyone has been gifted with at least one magical talent. Darcy joined as a Smile Card shipper "to spread positive energy through my existence."
  • gauri sahasrabudhe

    Gauri Sahasrabudhe lives in the Bay Area. Her sincerity and simplicity touch many people on a daily basis. She is a Smile Card Shipper on our team.
  • kerri ann yasuhara

    Keri Ann Yasuhara lives in the gorgeous state of Hawaii and is a self-described introvert, who loves doing things for people. Smile Cards make it easy for her to spread the good, and spread it she does -- one smile at a time! She is a Smile Card Shipper on our team.
  • kerry and kim kaluza

    Kerry and Kim Kaluza met at age two and have been married for close to 50 years. They live in Minneapolis, MN and are constantly looking to pay-forward the blessings in their lives. They are both Smile Card Shippers.
  • lee farrell

    Lee Farrell lives in Nannup, a small country town in Western Australia. He firmly believes that his life is meant to be one of service -- and is never happier than when helping others. He is our Smile Card Shipper for Australia.
  • linda murray

    Linda Murray is a grandmother who knows that what goes around comes around! She lives in Brentwood, NH and is a dedicated Smile Card Shipper who is always looking for fun ways to put kindness into action.
  • mansi sheth

    Mansi Sheth is a high school student from New Jersey who loves spreading smiles. Her dream is to build a library in India. She is a Smile Card Shipper on our team.
  • Of Bliss

    'Of Bliss' lives in San Francisco and has been a Smile Card Shipper for several years now. He is terrific at coming up with innovative tips for the team, and believes that being a part of KindSpring connects him to his own generosity.
  • praveen krishnamurthy

    Praveen Krishnamurthy is the man behind the scenes responsible for sending supplies to new and existing shippers. Based in Silicon Valley, he is a meditator, techie, and camping enthusiast rolled into one. He also leads Karma Kitchen in Berkeley, where a recent moment of inspiration was this wedding proposal.
  • ram upadhyay

    Ram Upadhyay is ServiceSpace's Chief Financial Officer, and a backup Smile Card Shipper. With his unique skills, steadfast support and willingness to step up as needed he is an invaluable part of the team.
  • sandra mathews

    Sandra Mathews the mother of three grown children lives in Tampa, FL and still remembers the thrill of that moment when her very first order of Smile Cards arrived. Now she helps bring that thrill into other lives as a Smile Card Shipper, and never lets a day go by without reading posts on the site and gifting karmabucks to friends.
  • susan cathcart

    Susan Cathcart lives in Charlotte, NC and is an avid user of Smile Cards herself, who truly believes that "the possibilities are endless" when it comes to kindness. She found her first Smile Card serendipitously in a book ordered online, and hasn't looked back since. Today she is one of our Smile Card Shippers.
  • ushma nagri

    Ushma Nagri is one of our superstar Smile Card Shippers, who continued spreading kindness all the way through her pregnancy! She is based out of India and no matter how much work comes her way she always meets it with a smile!
  • Giggles

    Giggles is not a person but an anonymous and ever-changing collective of individuals who meditate together at Awakin Silicon Valley, stuff envelopes with Smile Cards and mail them out each week.