Kindness-In-Action Contest

If you had an extra $100, how would you use it to bring more kindness in your community? If you have a creative response to that question, read our FAQ below and apply for our monthly contest.

What is it?
Kindness-In-Action helps individuals put into kindness idea into action. People from all around the world submit their ideas on what they would do if they had an extra $100, and KindSpring selects a winner every month.

How does it work?
First, you submit your idea, and if it gets selected, you'll hear from one of our volunteer reviewers about setting up a phone or Skype call. Following that, we'll mail you a check, you'll have a month to implement the idea in your community, and then share your experience and photos with the KindSpring community. We'll also feature it in our monthly newsletter that reaches more than 100 thousand people in 150 countries, so others can replicate the idea and spread more love!

What is the criteria for selection?
Your personal intention, creative use of Smile Cards, potential ripple effect in the local community, and the votes from the KindSpring community (existing members can login and vote as well). Ultimately, we are trying to inspire small (not big!) acts of kindness.

Do you have example of past winners?
Yes, lots of them. :) You can read about some of the original ones here and here, and the most recent one in July 2013 here.

How did you start?
We received an unexpected donation in May 2008. To share in the joy, we posted a small blurb in our online community asking for ideas. In less than couple weeks, more than 50 ideas were submitted and dozens of people helped us evaluate the ideas by adding 'smiles'. On July 1st, we announced our first winner and a commitment to continue this experiment. The aim of the experiment continues to be: To inspire creative acts of kindness in local communities, to empower individuals to practice generosity, to model a trust-drive philanthropy, and to spread good ideas.

Click Here to Apply. Or join our community and help us select the next winner.