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Second Cataract Surgery

Second cataract surgery went well and MisterMindy’s vision is almost miraculous! Does not need glasses to drive and can see colors more true now.

All that waiting time gave me plenty of opportunity to color, then share, along with a Smile card and a Peace Dove. Tucked inconspicuously behind a placard, I have faith that just the right person will find.

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Fresh Vegan Banana Bread To Phlebotomists

I will be visiting Red Cross this morning to make a platelet donation in honor of a friend who is often in need of platelets himself. After hearing about a recent transfusion that he needed, I realized that I hadn't been doing my part as of late. I used to go about twice a month, but have fallen behind:(. The phlebotomists up there are so kind that I decided to do something for them. Of course, for me that's bake:). So I made some fresh (vegan) banana bread this morning, which wife and daughter also appreciated<3.

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๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป Crocheted Blankets For Babies On The Way

๐Ÿงถ Finished crocheting another baby blanket to gift someone. Two babies are on the way and this is the second one I crocheted. Both are due in the same month. It was double fun for me ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป

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Knitting for a Charity Shop

I've been struggling a bit this week which is why I've not been on here much. However, I've been making several knitting projects for the Hospice's craft stall for their charity shop. Here's two of the finished characters - although I've knitted similar before these have differences from the original ones.

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Little Kindness Is Flying

Little Kindness Is Flying with me.

I checked my bag near the entrance. The attendant asked me if I needed a wheelchair assistance. I politely declined. I knew that it is a very small airport.

At SNA airport, I told a joke to the pilot while we were waiting for a lady ahead of us in the wheelchair who got up slowly and was assisted to enter the plane. I prayed for her wellbeing. The pilot helped me put my bag in overhead space. I sent him a quote card with peace dove with air hostess.

I occupied the very first seat near the door. I smiled at some passengers and returned some back.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me these opportunities of kindness and guiding and helping me in this regard

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Recent Acts Of Kindness 11th - 18th July 2023.

Recent acts of kindness: 1) Made peace with situations that caused me pain in the distant past by forgiving those that hurt me and forgiving myself because we were young and it's OK to make mistakes when you're young and don't know any better. 2) Gave a few ladies at my sewing group a laminated lucky clover. 3) Supported the lady who organises the sewing courses by purchasing goods at her shop such as fabrics and sewing equipment. 4) Bought fresh fruit and veg from the local farmer's shop. Also bought a cool handcrafted handbag with love and peace symbols from the 70's. (The decade I was born in ;-)) 5) Bought my cat healthy tinned cat food with a high meat content as opposed to being filled with cereals or sugar. 6) Bought my cat eco-friendly cat litter made from sustainably-harvested plant fibres which are soft on his paws. Yes, I have spoiled him but ... Read Full Story >>

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Making An Extra FLan For Neighbor

Making an extra one of these sweet flans to offer our neighbours, two houses down the road. We saw the ambulance appear a couple of days ago so I'd like to knock on their door to offer help if needed. My grandmother's flan recipe, simple but tasty and with lots of love :-)

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Visit To Local Assisted Living To Meet Elderly Neighbor

Yesterday I went to visit my elderly neighbor who moved into a local assisted living. I surprised her by bringing Missy Mae’s human, Ann, who brought her dog Riley and two little dogs she is taking care of for the weekend. Wanda loves dogs, so we had a blast. The dogs ran all over the hall, said hello to many other lovely elders, and Whitney disappeared into the kitchen! We got to Wanda’s apartment and was she ever delighted to see us all. By the time we left, she had an on-going big grin. I left feeling happy, too.
Made some blueberry muffins, again. Hard to get sick of them.

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Lessons From Childhood - Bee Friendly

As I was relaxing in a swimming pool I spotted what I believed to be a honeybee, albeit lifeless. I remember as child hearing that flies didn't drown, they just looked dead because they were weighted down with water. I figured the same was true for bees. I gently picked her up and place her on the pool deck, where she could bask in the sun, then I went off to swim. I returned about a half hour later. No movement. I gave her a little nudge and then noticed what looked like a tiny voluntary movement on her own. I sat by her for another 15 minutes, or so. Slowly she began to crawl and then move her wings ever so slightly. But still, she would only crawl. I wondered if she forgot how to fly. She began crawling towards the edge of the pool and I didn't want her to end up back where I found her. So I gently tried to turn her around and all of the sudden she took flight๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿฝ. Off to pollinate more flowers๐Ÿ˜Š.

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Quote Card Kindness At Baseball Game

Quote card Kindness and Positive Thinking at the Baseball Game: I gave away some quote cards at the ballpark and received smiles and thank you. My son took his wife and me to the baseball game at Nationals Park Baseball Stadium. I am grateful to him. After probably more than 25 years I watched a live baseball game. So far as I remember, I have watched three ball games in the past and the home team Yankees won all of them. In today's game, The Washington Nationals were trailing by 2 to 1 in the bottom of Ninth against Brewers. My positivity and past record were looking for miracle to happen. The Washington Nationals scored 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth and won. My positivity won too. We all enjoyed the game. After the game, my son went to pick up the car. We were standing under the sky. The sky was ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank You, My Dear Friends

Thank you, my dear KS family of friends, for helping me feel so special on my birthday! Grateful to spend the day with loved ones (virtually and in person) while appreciating the beautiful Black Hills under ArborWest. - Mindy ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

๐ŸŽ Goodie box loaded w/Rajni quote cards, bookmarks, and his signature date/nut sweets (soooo good!) - all meant to be shared will take more than a year to distribute! If anyone would like some, please PM me ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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Love For Our Elders Letter Writing Project

Since I have discovered (via this site) the Love For Our Elders letter writing project, I have sent letters off for two months. I nominated my mom for August and she is now a recipient. I have 7 cards addressed for August and peace doves will be enclosed. I love this endeavor.
Earlier this week I spoke up regarding an issue of transgender prejudice at my work and was told the person in question had already been publicly called out about this and they weren’t going to change. I am glad I don’t have to do that as my heart gets unsteady when I do such things these days. But silence is complicity, so I am glad I brought it up.
Went and saw Barbie. It was a blast. wore lots of pink and the crowd was awesome.The feminist speeches were cheered loudly and even one of the usher guys had pink hair. It was a smart, hilarious, deep and totally unhinged film. I recommend it!

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It was a busy morning and I had several errands to do before the day became too hot to be outside the house. As I was walking by the side of a busy road I saw an old lady, maybe in her 80s standing perilously close to the traffic. Although my mind was preoccupied, I thought to myself that I should warn her not to stand so close to the chaotic traffic rushing by. When I reached the spot where the old lady was standing. I noticed that she was trying to get attention of passersby who of course were too busy to take note of her. She kept pointing to the middle of the road. When I tried to gently move her back further away from the edge of the busy road, she said that she is standing there because she have dropped her house key in the middle of ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness During A Community Lunch

There is a place nearby which is called a Neighbourhood House. It offers programs for children, adults and seniors, including community lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at a great price.

I started attending the community lunches recently and many of the attendees are senior citizens.

I have met a few new people and they are very nice.

One of the nice seniors that I met got me a menu for another community centre that also has community lunches.

That was very kind of him, and he also mentioned an upcoming Seniors Karaoke singing event that is happening soon.

I am not yet a senior (age 55 and up), but he said it would be okay for me to attend.

That was so very thoughtful and kind. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Listen With Our Hearts And Honor Others Stories

Listen With Our Hearts He would arrive each morning at the pro shop I worked at. He would tell me stories about his wife, and I would listen. She was ill and in declining health and he was dealing with the loss of her companionship in the things they used to do together that she could no longer do. He spoke of his love and pride in his wife and their life together and then his grief when she was gone. After her passing he continued to arrive as usually and talk about her, and I continued to listen, not giving much thought what that might have meant to him. Then one day he reached across the counter and held my hands. He told me that he had been thinking of me, complimenting me on how I was with the customers of the pro shop and the way I interacted with ... Read Full Story >>

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SURPRISED BY THE KINDNESS OF A BEGGAR As I walked to the market this morning I, saw an old man with a bandana covering his face sitting in front of a shop. He was not looking at anyone but sat there just watching the traffic on the road. His bandanna was dirty and his clothes were crumpled. His hair poking under an ill-fitting cap was long and unkempt. I decided he was a beggar looking for alms. I made a mental note that on my way back from the market I should give him whatever change I had. A few feet away was a young man sprawled on the pavement obviously in a drunken stupor and no one who passed by took any notice. I thought in my mind it was some good-for-nothing drunkard who had wasted all his money on alcohol. I walked onto the market, finished all my ... Read Full Story >>

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Good Friends Help In Need

Longtime close friend shared that she was stressing over her husband’s upcoming medical procedure that required him to stay in the hospital overnight. I immediately offered to stay with her in the hospital the day of and suggested that we share a room at a nearby small hotel that I had stayed in a few years ago which was quite lovely, So she wouldn’t have to travel back and forth. She and her husband waited with my husband in the same hospital when I was having surgery there years ago.

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Donating to Greyhound Rescue On My Dog's 2nd Birthday

Today is my dog's 2nd birthday, so I donated to my favorite charity (as per her request). Molly is a greyhound and while she was fortunate to never have been forced to race, the overwhelming majority of dogs of her breed are not as lucky.

Greyhound Rescue in Australia has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed greyhounds, so they can live the life they deserve, as the world's fastest couch potatoes. Here is their website for anyone interested in learning more about the amazing work these people do:

As per the photo tax, here's a picture of the birthday girl doing what she does best :)

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Sharing Homemade Scones

Today's acts of kindness include:
1) Making home-made scones for my sewing group and taking along some nice jam and clotted cream (which is hard to get over here in Europe) to go along with them.
2) Gifting some lucky clover to a few ladies in my sewing group.
3) Giving a lady in my sewing group some 1 cent coins for her "speciality". See my latest post.
4) Looking out some 1 cent coins for her and giving them a good dunk in bircarbonate of soda to give them a good shine. I will leave the "pennies" at my sewing group for the lady next time I go there.
5) Setting up a new Kindspring challenge which deals with the topic of reducing our ecological footprint. Maybe you might care to take part in it? If so, please see below ;-)

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Prayers To Strangers And Sharing Bananas

Prayers to Strangers: Last week I came to know about cyclone disaster. I decided to pray for strangers affected by cyclone. I prayed, "Please bless people affected by cyclone. Please help them".

Bananas Kindness: Last week when we were hungry we bought bananas. We shared bananas with helper, neighbour and one customer who is also a neighbour.

Cold Drink Kindess: We shared Thums Up Cold Drink with the workers, my neighbour and the auto driver.

Dog Kindness: A Person was giving food to the Dogs. I felt good.

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