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Candy For Any Age

Now that I'm getting up there in age, my doctor wants labs for everything.

Got a healthy appetite? Labs!
Your head itch? Labs!
Getting too much junk mail delivered to your hime? Labs!

I recognize each of the phlebotomists at our local lab. Went in today and saw Lauren. "How's it going, Lauren?"

She doesn't recognize me. I tell her she's poked me many times. She's nice and laughs at my lame jokes. I ask what her favorite candy is. She says something I don't recognize. I repeat it back to her. She then tells me she likes them all.

As she patches up her handy work, I take out a 3 Musketeers to give to her. "Oh, you don't have to," she says.

"I know, but that's what makes it special." She smiles taking the candy bar and I tell her to enjoy it on her break. She promises she won't forget me next time.


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Helping Poor At The Temple

At temple I saw an old lady. Today is Lord Shiva Festival. Hence everyone is focused on Lord Shiva. There is a queue for serving Lord Shiva. But no one is interested to help this old lady. She looked at me. She put her hand forward. She requested me. I gave her some money. "Service to Old Lady is Service to God".

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Gave Many Quote Cardsit ...

Gave Many Quote Cards It was like a Quote Card Day. Last Monday, in the bus gave quote cards to conductor and passengers, At the doctor’s office, gave quote cards to doctor and patients. One young man was waiting for his turn. Gave him, quote cards and booklet on positive thinking and talked about importance of positive thinking in our lives and told him, story about how intense our positive thinking should be and Fatemah story as well. I also gave him name of the Positive thinking books to read. Visited Utthan and gave more than 50 quote cards and bookmarks, a Get Well soon card for MS M and a Wedding Day wishes card to give at the wedding she is attending. She will take BM’s and QC’s to USA. For the first time, I met Mr. A at Utthan who provides printing services to Utthan. Friendly talk revealed that he was a ... Read Full Story >>

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Bits And Bobs.

Yesterday I managed to practice a few acts of kindness. 1) Was friendly to everybody at the hotel breakfast table and reception by saying good morning and smiling at them. Got beautiful smiles from most of them in return, especially from a young foreign girl who was playing with her food and had hardly eaten anything. (Maybe worried about her weight? But she was just lovely as she is!) We joked about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. 🌞 2) Noticed a young man had tears in his eyes and asked if he was OK. He said he was just about to start work. I had the impression he was having a bit of a bad day and maybe even did not like his employer or the working conditions? Told him to do his very best at work on that shift, then go home and think carefully about what ... Read Full Story >>

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Sending Positive Feedback To An Author

I like to give positive feedback to an author when I've read one of their books. Recently, I bought a Kindle copy of a book by Adrian Plass called 'Still Crazy' and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've encouraged my husband to read it too but he's working on it.

I found Adrian's website and the contact form so I sent him positive feedback - I received the following reply by email today:

Thanks Helen, I really appreciated your email, especially your positive response to the idea if a third Shadow Doctor. Now that I'm beginning to understand my own characters (!?) there's so much more to say. Pray for my energy. The will is certainly there. Very best wishes, Adrian

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Opportunities For Kindness Are Everywhere!

A friend was coming over to see me and then I got a text from her hubby saying she had gotten in an accident while riding her bike to my house---she is okay but banged up her face....I felt so bad! Took over soup and banana bread for her/family. Couldn't see her yet because she was sleeping/medicated. Fingers crossed she will heal soon. Dropped off a coupon for a library book sale to a friend who loves getting used books from the library. We had a really lovely chat as well... Enjoyed being in the moment to soak in the colors of the sunset sky with a friend on a walk this evening. She had a lot of stories to tell and we had a great catch-up. Got a response back from the medical center about my gratitude note for the receptionist! I didn't think they would take notice but they will make ... Read Full Story >>

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Sweet Love πŸ’•

Purchased a selection of salt water taffy from the iconic island candy store and gave them to the front desk, so they could offer the candy to their guests. Was pleasantly surprised by the hotel breakfast, which included a special sweets table πŸ’•. Amping up ALL that sweet LOVE and connection, my kind friends!

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πŸ‘‚πŸ» All Ears!

☎️ Just spent 25 minutes on the phone listening to a longtime close friend letting off steam πŸ™„…now I really do not enjoy being on the phone much, esp. over what , to me, is an inconsequential matter, but, well, that’s what friends are for,…..lending an earπŸ‘‚πŸ»

I mostly listened…couldn’t really get a word in anyway as she was ranting away, lol. I did share some thoughts that I hoped might help her see things in a different light & after our call she sent me an Instant Message of thanks & said she felt more at peace.

Now I’m off to the pizzeria…have been craving a good slice for days, lol πŸ• Yum!

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😊 National Kindness Day!

Perusing the internet, MisterMindy discovered that today, Feb. 17th, is the USA’s National Random Act of Kindness Day!

In celebration of such an auspicious day, we encourage ALL to share some extra kindness today.

While vacationing near the ocean, I’ve been folding tiny sea themed origami models and giving them en masse in recycled containers, along with a SMILE card. Gave to the local library, Sally - the owner of Gratitude shoppe, and today will give to the hotel lobby desk, so they can then share.

It’s also the USA’s National Acts of Kindness week, so step it up, my kind friends! 😊

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Perfect Timing…..

❀️ 🎈 A surprising & perfect synchronicity happened to us yesterday as we were walking home….we had stopped to pick up birthday/Valentine’s balloons to gift our neighbor-friend, whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. She’s been recovering from a very serious motorcycle accident a few months ago that left her with 3rd degree burns. She’s doing well in her recovery.

Anyway, as we were walking, guess who pulled up in their car & offered us a ride home…yup, you guessed it…she & her husband! I smiled wide, handed her the balloons & said these are for you, Happy Birthday! A Heaven sent synchronicity, wouldn't you say! 🎈❀️

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πŸ–ŠοΈ Long Distance Love ...

πŸ–ŠοΈ Long Distance Love ❀️

Answering a request for Valentine’s cards to give residents at the local assisted living facility back in our small SD town, I made a few more greetings than needed and sent them off - anonymously. Wherever we are, my kind friends, LOVE is our truth and our connection. ❀️

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😊 Was Pleasantly Surprised ...

😊 Was pleasantly surprised by this note of appreciation from housekeeping!

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Surprise Gift From A Kindspringer. Wow :)

Wow! I got a SURPRISE PACKAGE from a KindSpringer. It contained:

1) The Cotton Bag with BEAUTIFUL messages on it.
2) Two WOODEN Decorations.
3) Two Clover leaves
4) A Letter.

This is REALLY AMAZING!!! This Gift from a KindSpringer made my day!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

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Out And About.

Yesterday was pretty nice in so many respects. I went to the animal shelter to do some cat-cuddling for a couple of hours and was rewarded with lots of kitty kisses and snuggles. I also left a little blanket which I had knitted myself for a very sweet stray cat there that I was sure would appreciate it on a cold night. Also had a proper catch-up with a very good friend over a cuppa tea and her sandwiches and my tangerine and chocolate. She gave me a little bunch of flowers with a get well card which was so thoughtful and kind. Oh yes, I also found a lucky stone from the Universe which made me smile. So many beautiful gifts.  After that I bought a few more hygiene articles for women and babies for my care package for the earthquake survivors in Turkey and put them into the box I ... Read Full Story >>

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πŸ‡ The Hare & The Tortoise Both Win! 🐒

The weather for the outdoor ARK tour (Amos Rehabilitation Keep) had turned cold, windy and drizzly. “I have a sweater on under my hoodie. Would you like to borrow the hoodie?” I asked a woman who was shivering, as I unzipped it and offered my Peace Garden hoodie to her. She agreed, only after I assured her that I would be fine. A film crew making a documentary about the ARK shadowed the tour. Our guides, Lucky and her husband Dan, were knowledgeable about the rescued raptors, various birds and turtles. Impressed with their enthusiastic volunteerism, I anonymously gave the front desk a gift for them - a coloring suncatcher of a turtle that I had fashioned with positive sayings. Back in South Dakota, over 1300 miles northwest and about a month ago, I had created the suncatcher with faith that the right opportunity would present itself to give. Acting quickly on that nudge to offer ... Read Full Story >>

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Chocolate As Payment

The past few weeks have been a challenge. In our household, we dubbed them: What-can-go-wrong-with-which-mechanical-this-week? This past week, one of the failures was our hot water heater. One's hot water heater should not decide to stop working in the middle of winter. The appliance was still under warranty. There would be no charge for the part, but because it was under warranty, the part had to be ordered from the factory (not local) and shipped to our home. Needless to say, until the part arrived, we were without hot water. When it finally arrived, I called our plumber for repair. After some back and forth, he agreed to do the fix that day. We were very fortunate that there was no charge for a total of about 4 hours work between 2 days (diagnosis and the fix). I had enough time to to run to the corner store to purchase 2 huge bags of miniature chocolate bars for the worker to take back to the shop and to share with the staff. The plumber was delighted and promised that he actually would take the goodies back to the shop. I've come to the conclusion that chocolate, in any form, is a magic elixir. :)

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Super Sunday 2023, Kindness,I ...

Super Sunday 2023, Kindness, I don`t watch games or follow the news about them. Instead, I play the game of kindness, and I never lose. I have a pretty good record, right? We all have a good record: Sent inspiring emails to about 200 of my contact friends and relatives. Filled up water trays for the birds and monkeys . Prayed for the well being of a relative of my divine sister for her quick recovery, and made a get well soon card. Picked up some recyclable items and disposed them properly. Gave biscuit packets, milk, and soap to those in need. One young student was waiting near a footpath outside the Sunday Farmer’s market. He was using his cell phone. I give him a quote card and asked if I can talk about positive thinking? He nodded yes. I told him the story of a lady that shows how intense our positive thinking can be. When ... Read Full Story >>

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You`ve Come Alot Further Than You Realize

Recently an old friend reached out to me to ask about the success I've had in my life (or at least what looks like success on social media XD) and how I achieved it. He has similar goals as me: get in shape, get into music more seriously, and be fluent in Japanese. Though I haven't entirely reached my long term goals yet in any of these 3 categories, he's seen that I've made some progress on my journey to achieving these goals and wanted my advice. We had a nice hour and a half chat on the phone about this and it seemed like he was pretty motivated by the end of the chat. A week went by and he told me that he signed up for a personal fitness trainer, is studying music theory, and sent me clips of him studying Japanese. He's posting regularly on social media about all ... Read Full Story >>

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Surprise Valentines For My Co-workers

My wife and I brought in a surprise basket full of Valentine's goodies for my co-workers today: some chocolates, a cold coffee, and a nice card. I appreciate them more than they know and my wife and I wanted to do something sweet for the two of them, one of whom was upset she would be without a Valentine this year as she and her significant other ended a long-standing relationship. They were over the moon and it made my day to spoil the two of them :)

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Overwhelmed By Kindness.

Yesterday, I went to Darlington for a course for people recovering after all the treatment in the last year. There were two facilitators and six participants. We were discussing gratitude and one of the other ladies told us about getting to the car park near the venue.

The car park is free for the first two hours but costs a pound if you are staying for three hours. The course is two and a half hours so she needed a ticket for three hours. She got her wallet out but had no change so she tried to pay online but you need to register all your details. She was struggling to register. An Asian lady came across and asked if she could help. 'I'm trying to register online and I can't seem to do it.'

'What do you need?'

I just need a ticket but I haven't got a pound.'

'I have.' She promptly put in the machine and handed the ticket to her. She was overwhelmed by the kindness.

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