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Teaching A Pay It Forward Mentality

I teach leadership at a university and my goal is to get students to buy into a "pay it forward" attitude by which they will live their lives. My hope is that by showing compassion and love in the classroom that students will model these behaviours in their communities outside of the university. Today I planned the pay it forward lecture and I'm proposing a one-day pay it forward challenge on campus. Hopefully students get excited about it!

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Every day is Kindness Day

If it is Sunday, It is Kindness Day More or less, all days are kindness days. People go to temples or churches or other holy places on Sundays. I visit living temples where God is residing in human beings. We all know that selfless service to humanity is service to God. Service to needy people without getting/expecting anything in return. Anything doesn’t mean money only; it includes name and fame as well.  I visit an organic farmer’s market on sundays at Gujarat Vidhyapith and I always try to go at different times, so I meet different people and give them Mindy's Peace dove quote cards, other quote cards and talk to them about the importance of positive thinking in our lives. On Sunday February 26th, I stayed a little longer at the Farmer’s market. I gave quote cards to many shoppers and customers on that day. I talked to one shopper about intense positive thinking last ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking After Wild Birds

Jack Frost was out last night leaving a trail of glitter behind him. So pretty to look at! Remembered we still have some suet fatballs and put them into the bird feeders and on top of a little table in the garden. A blue jay was the first to discover the goodies and word has spread. So much so that the birds are literally queuing up at the feeding stations and patiently waiting their turn! Will now put out some fresh lukewarm water for them all. My feeder is attached to the arch for roses. (See bottom of my picture.) Please be sure to look after the wild birds during the cold weather. You can get suet fatballs without the plastic net casing nowadays which are perfect for sparrows and tits. Just ensure you have the right sort of feeder to put them into. Blackbirds and robins love picking at apples, ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Unconditional Happiness !

 A piece of clothes may not be so much expensive, but it can bring so much happiness in someone’s life. Yes, This is true. Today I bought a T-shirt for a young boy who weared old clothes. After having new clothes,He was looking very happy. I saw big happiness in his eyes. It was great moment for me. Sometimes material things have so much power to share happiness and love.

Thanks to young boy and his new T-shirt..

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Kindness Days

Saturday gave company to Sunday Kindness All The Days Are Kindness Days On Saturday February 25th, on the way to the dentist's office, I gave some quote cards to people waiting for the bus and also to the passengers in the bus. Made some origami Peace Doves while waiting at dentist's office, with thoughts of sister Mindy. After making some, one lady came near me curiously. From her gestures and lip reading, I understood that she wanted to know what I was doing. I showed her how to fold a Peace Dove. I gave her some that I had already made, plus some origami Peace Dove quote cards, KMBhai's poem in Hindi and other quote cards, so she can share them with others. I vividly remember her happy smiling face. Told a story about intense positive thinking. She thanked me profusely. I am grateful to sister Mindy for her inspiration to make quote ... Read Full Story >>

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Earth Angels Who Were There For Me When I Needed Some Help.

Yesterday I had the chance to get out of my comfort zone and approach two strangers for help. And they did!

A young boy on a bike gave me some directions for a shortcut to the next village. Though pushed for time, he even accompanied me part of the way to show me the start of the path. We had a laugh when I said I was going to steal his bike. I would have taken the car but have fractured my hand, so had to use my feet to get from the doctor's surgery to another important appointment yesterday.

Got there in the end - thanks to a kind man who was leaving his driveway and about to dry the windscreen of his car. I asked him for a lift down the road, seeing as I only had 5 minutes left. It would have taken me 10 to 15 minutes on foot but only a few minutes by car. Fortunately he was happy to oblige.

Glad I trusted my instinct - he was a very kind decent person and thanks to him - and the boy - I got to my appointment a minute early. GRATEFUL to the help from kind strangers who gave me hope and strength. Wishing them all the very best. ๐Ÿ’—

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Passing Books Along

I bought a book about grief a few weeks ago and yesterday, the book seller who sent it to me asked if I would like to review it to help other potential readers. As I was thinking about what to say, it occurred to me that I should send it to my friend Pam. She has been supporting me through my cancer journey so I value her friendship greatly. It is also coming up to five years since she lost her husband. I've told her if it isn't for her then to pass it on to someone else. I would rather it was being read than sitting on my bookshelf.

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Kindness from an owner to a helper

A customer went to a shop. The owner of the shop pointed out the customer to the helper and said "if you sell rice to that customer, you can keep the money." The customer ended up buying rice and the helper got the profit. Instead of the helper keeping the money, the helper tried to give the 500 INR to the owner. The helper said "you showed me the customer and, because of you, I made a profit. Please take this money." But the onwer rejected the money and said "I don`t need it. I showed you the customer so that you can make a profit, I don't want anything."

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Strathmiglo Biodiversity Village By Strathmiglo ยท Maphub

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๐Ÿ˜Š Random Acts Of Origami ๐Ÿ•

We have been grand-puppy sitting for the last few days and we are so enjoying the pats, walks, playing and snuggling!

Poppy lightens all of our lives with her exuberance, wonder and sweet innocence.

Learned how to fold origami dogs to give to the pet food store that Poppy frequents. Gave them Peace Doves last time and they really appreciated them.

Also designed and printed Random Acts of Origami cards, with a just-for-origami-kindness email address where interested folks can contact me for more information.

Grateful for the many opportunities that kindness encourages us to learn and to do โค๏ธ.

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"Keeping up with the Kind Springers." A new TV series

๐Ÿ˜ŠThought that you might like to see what our KINDSPRING friend patjos has been up to recently……He’s been on TV, and featured in a couple of newspaper articles too.

He`s made a bid to make Strathmiglo, his hometown, Fife's first biodiversity village
Here’s a link to his group in the newspaper:

 Here’s a link to patjos on radio scotland just after the mountain hares.

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Kindness Chain

We had a dump of snow last night and a lot of the neighbourhood streets weren't plowed all that well. On a walk today, I noticed a car that was stuck on the road. One of the sidewalk plows happened to be there in that moment and gave him a push to get him out of the snow he was stuck in. I also had someone new fill in for an absent coworker today. I made sure they felt welcome, showing them around and explaining everything, though they were only there for the day. At the end of the day, she thanked me for my kindness with a bouquet of lollipops. At first I didn't know what to do with them, but this evening I was presented with an opportunity to give them away. A friend was telling me about how their young child is going through a phase of sensory seeking ... Read Full Story >>

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Walking and Connecting

Sunday Kindness Continues. I walk to buy organic vegetables. Walking is good exercise and eating organic vegetables and grains is kindness to my body and soul as well. I am becoming more kinder to myself. I collected some recyclables and put them In roadside container. Gave biscuit packets to needy children. During my last visit, I saw some needy people with dirty clothes. So, this time I gave bath soaps to them. Gave many quote cards to shoppers and customers as well thanking them and got many smiles in return.. One lady was selling healthy nut squares. She offered me to taste but it was lightly sweet. I was not able to taste due to my food allergies. I gave her some quote cards and the booklet on Positive Thinking in Gujarati. When I asked her, if she is interested to listen to how intense our thinking should be? She nodded yes. After telling the story, I ... Read Full Story >>

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Healing Spaces

A little while ago, the Trauma Healing Project moved out of the condemned mortuary we rented and into a church.

I now get to practice acupuncture in this sanctuary. It is quiet and peaceful. The mortuary sanctuary had no windows and was gloomy. We did take the chandelier with us and you can see it hanging. I love rolling around on my stool on this floor. It is a healing place.

Sent off my first letter via the Love For Our Elders Project.

Took care of sweet Missy Mae the cat last weekend as her person went out of town. Her human broke her wrist so we check on her periodically. She has support aplenty but sometimes we open a can of cat food for her or some such thing. It is a very bad break and a long recovery.


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Precious Time

My niece has left after 2 months of a beautiful and sometimes challenging stay with us in UK. She's a teenager, so you can imagine.... A very good heart and very smart but still lots to learn. I'd like to believe I was kind to her, I looked after her, 'spoiled' her as much as I could but also tried to teach her to be and do good. I've also learned a lot from her, not only patience! I'm so lucky to be able to create these memories with her so that she can cherish them as she grows up.We had lots of fun taking pictures. Below, by a beautiful lake in Italy, freezing day but glorious. I gave her a parting gift to open on the plane: a beautiful journal in her favourite colour, pink, which says JUST BE KIND in the cover (forgot to take a picture). I wrote a long ... Read Full Story >>

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Being Beacons Of Light

Upon returning to our son’s home after our beach getaway, we were greeted with packages of forwarded mail that held many wonderful connections and gifts:
A card full of tea tags that will be used in future crafts.
A sincere note of appreciation from the librarians.
Sympathy card on the passing of my sister - a year belated, but filled with much love and condolences.
Hand-crafted bag that shines with loving energy and filled with an artistic coloring, personal letter, lucky clover and wooden bird ornament.

Amazing world this, that so much kind energy is focused on our connections - on our BEing beacons of Light.

Blessed and grateful ๐Ÿ™.

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Just What Was Needed

 Met someone in the park this morning who recognized me from the Y where I rented space for my massage practice for 17 years. I left there 15 years ago & she recognized me! She stopped, flashed a big smile & said “I know you….you’re the masseuse”…as we chatted I realized who she was…she looks quite different & I didn’t recognize who she was at first. We had the nicest conversation…she said I made her day & she made mine as well…she’s seems to be on a similar spiritual wavelength as we are. Some of her sharing moved me deeply & I felt my eyes begin to tear up a little. I never expected such a meet this morning there…it was special & left me feeling in a lovely state. โค๏ธ It was “Heaven sent” for me as I received some sad news earlier in the morning about a friend from long ago ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Gratitude

I am still on holiday here in beautiful Iceland. I have practiced some teensy-weensy acts of kindness such as smiling at people or making some smalltalk. Yesterday, I went a step further. Went into the local church and sat for about an hour thinking about every every single person who I am grateful for - even the ones who have given me a hard time over the years. Bad experiences are teachers too. It was hard to concentrate as it was rather loud due to maintenance work. I found myself thinking about people I have known, encountered over the decades, the ones that especially made a lasting impression on me and tried to visualise their faces in my mind's eye. Wished them all the very best as I did so. I also thought of our beautiful planet and silently expressed my gratitude for the stars, the sun, the moon, the water, all flora ... Read Full Story >>

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A good suggestion can change someone’s life..

In the morning, a young boy came to me seeking help in career. He was very confused. He passed board exams in 2018 and couldn't complete graduation due to his father's illness.

Now he wants to complete his education, but doesn't know which one would be good for him. so he wanted guidance from me.

I suggested he should opt a technical course or skill based course, so he can earn something for his livelihood. I also promised him for any help related to his career. He agreed and looked satisfied with my suggestions.


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Helping Poor At The Temple

At temple I saw an old lady. Today is Lord Shiva Festival. Hence everyone is focused on Lord Shiva. There is a queue for serving Lord Shiva. But no one is interested to help this old lady. She looked at me. She put her hand forward. She requested me. I gave her some money. "Service to Old Lady is Service to God".

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