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Peace Be With Them (and Also With Me)

An important experience/ lesson on forgiveness. Forgive not only for their sake, but for your own too. Here`s the story: I`ve had some pretty serious issues with my community for the last year, and things completely fell apart between me and my community 6 months ago. As a result, I stepped away from them, I blocked them on social media, and did my best to forget about them. The events though continued to haunt me, and I let the emotions that I felt from those events seep into other areas of my life. It began destroying relationships in other parts of my life and I ended up burning bridges with big opportunities and people I really cared about. Yesterday, I was forced to see this community because of a major work event. I was dreading this event for months and it was pretty cringey when I first saw the people I clashed with. Despite ... Read Full Story >>

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🍯 That Much Sweeter

“Would you like a bag?” the cashier asked, stacking the 4 baklava boxes that held 2 pieces each of that deliciously rich walnut/honey/phyllo dessert per container.

“No, we’re just going to give them over there,” I motioned with my head to the table of Air Force servicemen and women, enjoying their lunch of gyros platters.

She thought for a moment and offered, in her mediterranean accent, “Let me give you another, just for you! No charge.”

Her generosity was an unexpected kindness that made our random act of appreciation that much sweeter.

❀️ Found a dime in the parking lot and MisterM found a penny on the way back to the car. Love those thumbs-up from the Universe!

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Deep Feelings For Our Seniors!

Today, I spent some time with an old man. He was alone and not feeling good. I offered him a cup of tea with me. He accepted and bought some biscuits packets. We had a long chat over tea. As he told me that he was feeling very alone and upset. But now I am very happy and feeling very relaxed. It was a very good day for me, I will never forget it. Thanks.

I also thanked him for giving me an opportunity to do something for our seniors. It was a great pleasure for me. I enjoyed it.

Thank you

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Offering to delivery workers

We had a delivery of second hand furniture that we rescued from a house clearance, this giant fridge was one of the pieces. The lovely workers who brought the items home were stuck in traffic for 4 hours because of a fallen tree on the road. My partner offered them his tea biscuits, precious to him :-) and we made them a big cup of tea when they arrived.

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❀️🐢 Mulligan’s Birthday

My neighbor-friend in the burn unit messaged me this from the hospital last night: “So it’s almost 9 o’clock at night and I’m thinking that you’re probably asleep. I hope you have a good evening. I wanted you to know that tomorrow is Mulligan‘s birthday. He’ll be nine years old and I won’t be able to spend the day with him, so please make it a special day for him. Thank you, have a good day.” I was so deeply moved, that with all she’s going through, she sent this πŸ™. My eyes filled. I suggested a FaceTime session with Mulligan ( her Siberian Huskie) , if her device allows, so they can see each other & she can wish him a happy birthday & tell him she loves him. ❀️🐢 I shared about it with another friend of ours on the block & she sent me this reply: ❀️🐢 ο»Ώ”AWE. I will go to ... Read Full Story >>

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πŸŽƒ Our Small Town

Our small town Main Street was safely attended with many trick or treaters! We estimate over 500 πŸ’•.

Great weather. Great children and parents. Great costumes. Everyone was appreciative, happy and smiling. A real commUNITY event! 

We volunteered at the Center, handing out treats and directing foot traffic inside, where they could also get their photo taken. *Will be printed and available for pick-up later, no charge!

We added our own treats to the mix (almost 7 lbs of candy!), plus MisterM gave biscuits to the pups, who wagged their tails in happiness to be remembered too πŸ•.

πŸŽƒ It was wonderful to witness my sis enjoying herself so much. Grateful.

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Now I See You

Today I went out for a nice stroll with my husband to tank up on some sunshine and glorious fresh air under trees ablaze with gorgeous autumnal colours. It seems many others had the same idea. Some people greeted us nicely as we passed them by and I gave them a cheery hello and a warm smile, but some passers-by just looked away grumpily. Of course, it is our choice to do the one or the other but wouldn't the world be a much better place, if people did NOT choose to look away in certain situations? For example, when injustices are done? When people are unfairly treated? When somebody is judged for their appearance, creed, religion, actions or beliefs? When crimes are committed? When somebody is involved in an accident and people just drive past and stare rather than administer first-aid or just hold that person's hand as they wait for ... Read Full Story >>

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Give And Take.

Today a very old acquaintance I have not seen in absolute donkey's years - an IT specialist - popped by to help me fix a computer issue which I have had for quite a while now. It was lovely to catch up over a few coffees, reminisce and have a laugh as he shared his expertise and plastered my devices with safe and up-to-date software. He gave me a decent price for his good work and I gifted him one of my lucky clovers which I am lucky to find out in nature.

I tend to laminate and give away these little treasures - actually well over 200 so far have put a smile on people's faces. He was thrilled with his five-leaf clover. Hope it brings him an abundance of good luck in whichever way he needs it. We promised each other to make a much better effort of keeping in touch.

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Kindness for the Crossing Guards

I took my morning walk and gave the crossing guards at the elementary school some chocolate made at a local shop. They are caring, delightful individuals who stand on the corners of the school in all types of weather. They stop traffic for me, too! I also notified one of my fellow retirees of the death of a substitute teacher that worked at our high school. My fellow retiree sends out notifications of retiree illnesses and deaths. Usually, he would not post something like this because this person was not a full-time employee. Much to my pleasant surprise, he did post this along with a beautiful tribute to all substitute teachers. As the former substitute coordinator, I can tell you how valuable their services are. While I could schedule some in advance, many would be called on the morning of a teacher's absence. They always came through and were an asset to our school community.

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Happy Birthday 🎁🎁Bhupendra Is ...

Happy Birthday 🎁🎁

Bhupendra is 10 years old now. Just 3 months ago he enrolled in our kindness home.

His parents are daily wage laborer's and are unable to afford a proper education. So we adopted him.

In the first nine years of his life, he never had an opportunity to make a celebration of his birthday. This was because of his family's poor financial condition. Therefore, he celebrated a birthday for the first time with us.

He was very surprised and got emotional. Before cutting the cake, he made a prayer to God for his grace and blessings. As he cut the cake we started singing happy birthday Bhupendra, happy birthday. His eyes were filled with happy tears. He was very happy and joyful.. we danced and shared sweets and chocolates.

Thanks to all of you...

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Cookies Make Connections

Last week I made a post about having left grocery store cookies at the coffee station where I work. Leaving those cookies felt really good, so I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to take this act of kindness to the next level.

So, I went out of my way to make cookies from scratch and delivered some to my next-door neighbor, my coworker who was sick, and to another office where I occasionally work at.

These cookies really opened up people's hearts. They weren’t expecting this and were excited to experience American-style homemade cookies. These cookies almost brought a sense of community. 

Donating money is great, but I've found that offering gifts that require my own time, energy, and love is even better.

Little by little, I am becoming the person I've always wanted to become.

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I Wrote Thank You ...

I wrote thank you letters to three other departments within our hospital!
-Pharmacy "Thank you for crushing it and giving us a dose of your awesomeness!"
-Healthcare Supply Chain "Thank you for being our logistics HEROS!"
-Respiratory "You're a Breath of Fresh Air!"
Simply thanking them for all they do for our patients, from our Radiology Department!

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  • Nov 27, 2022
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Oscar's Thank You Note

Sent another payment this morning to Oscar via his friend, Mitch. Mitch tells me that Oscar uses the money often to help others who are homeless in Portland. One I know about is his friend who is in a wheelchair.

We sent Oscar most of a case of Right Nutrition last winter and he shared it, as always. I am trying to save up for a full case for Christmas, but it's very expensive. When it is bad weather, Oscar is able to have a full meal with one scoop by just adding water, and each case has 144 meals.

Getting just one meal from those who help in Portland takes him most of the day because he walks so slowly due to his illness, and in the winter that's especially hard because the lines are long.

Oscar sent me a kind thank you note the other day that had me in tears. He said he hadn't felt cared for like this since his parents were alive. It touched my heart. I'm grateful for our connection. 


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πŸŽƒ Crafternoon Kindness Crew πŸ‘»

SPOOKtacular Crafternoon meet at the library! Not only did we make origami pumpkins and ghosts to share, we enjoyed a delicious array of homemade goodies.

We have displayed our creations at the circulation desk as seasonal offerings for library patrons 😊.

Together, we are discovering the power of our collective creative kindness - and have aptly named our group the Crafternoon Kindness Crew!

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One of the orphanages in Uganda whose stories I featured last summer on under1000skies wrote to me this morning to tell me that one of their children has Ebola. His name is Masswa and he is 4-years old. He was throwing up blood and the situation is very serious. Even worse is that all of the other children in her care have been exposed. This is a new Ebola strain in Uganda. She asked me for extra $ this month which I sent. I wish I could do so much more, but I can also send love, light, and prayers, and I ask that you will too. Thank you.

♥. Dot

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Cookies For The Soul

Took on one of the KingSpring work ideas and left cookies at the coffee station.

The note says "Thank you for your hard work, please enjoy these cookies."

I think my Japanese has gotten good enough that none of my coworkers figured out it was me (the only foreigner) who left the cookies for them.

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A Little Light ...

A Little Light In The Life Of Needy People 😊 I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me many opportunities to serve this Diwali season. I am also grateful to KS friends, Divine sisters, family and friends and a stationary shopper that donated funds in helping me bring light to the lives of many needy people; giving them groceries, milk, cookies, stationary, T-shirts, pants, shorts, slippers and sandals. They got according to their needs and wishes. Kids got clothes and adults got groceries. While giving, I received so many beautiful smiles. I take this opportunity to share those smiles to all who have helped me financially and in other ways. They dearly deserve them. I am just an instrument spending time and some money. We all know that indwelling God in us is the real doer. Three days ago I thought that I have bought gifts for most of the ... Read Full Story >>

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How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything.

There's that old saying: How you do one thing is how you do everything. Therefore, as you become more kind and compassionate, it shows in everything that you do, even when playing music. I recently went to a jam session with some other musicians in town (many of whom I was meeting for the first time). When I used to jam with other musicians, I spent more time in my head thinking about my drumming instead of actually paying attention to what was going on. This time though, I found that I was more attentive and was able to support the other musicians more through my playing. Because of this, our music was better than ever before, and I could feel the audience was enjoying the music more too, because the music was no longer about me, it was about all of us connecting through the universal language of music. Afterwards, the musicians ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindred Spirits πŸ’•

The Storehouse recently held an open house to showcase the new addition with its extra storage, shelving, coats of sky blue paint, organization and a major cleaning. Sharing our volunteer spirit, we gathered around the photo display boards and cookie platters, commenting on how it all came together so beautifully. It took months, but with the helpful support of numerous folks, it got done! Many thanks to MisterM who not only insulated the new addition, but painted the floor (and I got to sprinkle the paint chip accents on it!) and put together some of the shelving along with our son - who helped while on his last visit. Not only does the Storehouse provide a food pantry and free-of-charge goods outlet, it encourages friendship and camaraderie. We are grateful to be developing deeper relationships with fellow team members  - such kindred spirits! Near and far, my friends, start where you stand and reach out a ... Read Full Story >>

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After Two Years Of ...

After two years of no lessons (covid), today found me in my harp teacher’s studio. We got a broken string restrung and new pieces fingered. Hospice called and asked me to play at a memorial in November. I said yes.

I am too tired to resume bedside playing at this point, but am happy to work on getting my skills back and to play for the crew of critters in my home.

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