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Yesterday I gave away some of our harvested garlic to a needy friend
I also gave her some asiagi cheese bagels that she loves.
Shared books and yoga journal magazines with four friends.
Helped hubby identify things growing in the garden.
Chatted with my neighbor, she told me her father died. I gave her a big hug and will be sending flowers

Please don't thank me for doing kindness. I share only for giving ideas๐Ÿ™โฃ๏ธ

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Backpack Repaired, Not Trashed

Backpack repaired, not trashed

I gave School uniform, study books, note books, pens, pencils and slippers to needy kids. They asked me to get new backpack showing their backpacks with zipper broken. I replaced zippers in two backpacks.

In navy blue backpack, there were holes on the back panel. I changed the panel. I replaced it with "it" luggage bag material.

"it" company replaced my luggage bag with broken handles. Rather than throwing away, on my request, my son detached the sturdy material that I brought to India in hope to make bag for me. I am grateful to him I saved three backpacks going to trash. I reused luggage bag material. Both good for our environment.

One backpack is not repairable. I will use some parts in future. I am giving another one to needy kid.

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๐Ÿ  Raise The Roof!

๐Ÿ  Raise The Roof!

Found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot and knew the right opportunity would present to share.

Dropped it into the donation box at the Center for their upcoming fundraiser lunch ๐Ÿ˜Š.

The Center REALLY needs a new roof!

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Little Acts Add Up

I donated food and clothing to the church collection sites.
I have walked to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research.
I worked on yet another afghan which will become a Christmas gift for a veteran in the Soldiers' Home.
I watered my daughter's garden plants and am feeding the fish and guppy while they are away for the holiday weekend.
I try to do at least one act of kindness every day.

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A surprise!

Arriving at work yesterday a staff member came up to me and said “a lady came into our store today and said she had a gift for you”.

Surprised I went out the back to discover this. A yummy carrot cake. It made my day!

Kindness is always found in the simplest acts ๐Ÿฅฐ

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Kind Like Mother

Earlier in the week the beautiful woman opposite me in the top left hand corner of photo took us all out for dinner.

Her name is Susan and since moving here this woman has loved on me and showered me with kindness. My mother died 11 years ago, her name was also Susan.

This woman around my mothers age has become like a mother to me and has made me feel so welcome in my new city and town.

It’s the open hearted kindness and love from others that truly make the world go around. Bless all them all ๐ŸŒธ

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Walking for fundraisers

I've not been posting my stories and I'm sorry about that. I did walk over 70 miles for Mission 22, 30 miles for Pancreatic Cancer Research and many miles for St. Jude's raising funds with each fundraising walk. This makes me very happy as well as helping out these groups.

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Gratitude Gift

Surprised our next door neighbor with a small thank you gift to show appreciation for a kind act she shared with me recently.

I added something to our weekly Fresh Direct order that I knew she’d enjoy ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

Ordered one for myself too ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Happy Monday!

Treated a former student to lunch today--hadn't seen her since 2015 and we completely lost track of time and chatted for hours! Celebrated many milestones she has had in the intervening years. It was a huge blessing.
Donated many bags of clothing after getting my partner to go through his dresser/closet :-) Planted some more vegetable plants in the garden. Reached out to find out how to volunteer on a farm that plans to give away produce to underserved communities.

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Larks, Marshmallows And Free To Be Me!

Our campsite was secluded and had a pristine view of a sloping wildflower meadow, dense thicket and a sandstone butte. How magnificent to wake to the song of the meadowlark, not only the state bird of Nebraska, but one of my favorites.

Campfires, roasted marshmallows, chats with fellow swimmers at the outdoor pool and campers taking strolls, employees - from lifeguard to park admittance booth attendant, all were grateful, pleasant and truly happy to be enjoying such a beautiful space along with such beautiful weather.

Treated a young employee at the park entrance booth to a Happy Meal from McD’s on our way back from a quick lunch in town. I knew her job kept her in that tiny booth all day and a little something just might brighten her day.

And it did!

Blushing, she accepted the treat, saying, “Thank you! This just made my day!”

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Acts of Giving

Just voted.

Gave out doves, quote cards and smile cards to poll workers. They were very appreciative.

Talked with a friend last night....made us both feel better.

Did the laundry so my hubby could work in the garden. I can do this now!

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๐ŸŒน A Freedom Of The Heart โค๏ธ

Since the florist had put each rose (45!) in a water vial - good for a few hours, we decided it was best to hand out our anniversary roses, pronto!

Straight from camping and feeling a little rough, we set to work sharing.

Propped a rose at apartment doors where my sister lives. Handed one to each bingo player at the Center. Saved a rose for me, for my niece, rhubarb sharing friend and brother-in-law’s home altar - where other sister’s ashes are resting along with some momentos. The bouquet remainder, we gave to passing tourists, as we sat on a shady bench in front of the Center.

So many congratulations and wishes we received, along with a few disbelievers of “Free? You mean you’re just giving these away?”

The price of love is a freedom of the heart, don’t you think?

How fortunate MisterM and I realize and celebrate this joyous truth!

*Many thanks to a kind friend and the delicious gift of fine chocolates.

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Some More Soaps To Give Away

An employee of the sanitation department showed up at the doorstep. He was spreading awareness on segregating waste between degradable and non-degradable. Bless him.
He also insisted that I share my contact details. While I politely refused to share details, I saw to it that I handed him soaps for the sanitation workers. While he was not happy that I didn't want to share details, he was still happy that I gave him soaps. We bid adieu with a smile unto each other. Corona's on the rise in India. Stay safe peeps.

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A Bottle Of Water And A Banana

Brought a bottle of water and an extra banana with me this morning, just in case I saw someone who may be in need, especially since the weather is getting hot now.

Saw a man who looked in need, and gave them both to him.

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A Sandwich And A Bottle Of Water On A Hot Day

I often go to a local restaurant to get take out food, and often notice a an older man sitting outside, with a baseball cap on the ground in front of him for people to leave spare coins or money for him.

This morning, I got an extra sandwich and then went to see if he was there.

He was, so I went to a nearby corner grocery store to get a bottle of water to give to him, as it is getting very warm this weekend.

I offered them to him, and he accepted both, and I told him to take care.

I felt so bad knowing that he likely did not have any place cool in which he could seek refuge. ๐Ÿ˜ข

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Side by Side Neighbors

๐ŸžLadybugs & Gelato….. My next door neighbor wowed me twice this afternoon. I went out to talk with her and when I offered her the pint of gelato that we couldn’t open, she told me to wait a minute…..she went in her house & came out with a rubber band…said she could get it to open right away by putting the rubber band around the lid! And she did…1, 2, 3!, I couldn’t believe it. Never knew :)) When I told her I wanted to give it to her she said, “no, you enjoy it…you earned it!” (Trying to open it a few days ago is what caused my needing stitches in my thumb, would you believe! ๐Ÿคช ๐Ÿงค I noticed her garden gloves were very worn as we spoke. I have a few new pair that a charity had sent me, so I went in to get a pair & gave them to her. ... Read Full Story >>

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I am Only an Instrument

Being Kind Spring’s Community Member Of The Week โค๏ธ Maherunnisabahen and her husband Sharifbhai at AMWA blessed me with a shawl in recognition of the kind acts I do. It is the first time I have received one. After seeing tremendous work done by Maherunnisaben and her team, my mind was occupied by AMWA to do some more kind acts to be worthy of getting a shawl. I thank Maherunnisabahen for the inspiration. The inspiration, and being Kind Spring’s Community Member Of The Week, put me on my toes that kept me busy during the whole week! June 12: Gave donations to needy people. Bought groceries for needy lady. Gave T-shirts to needy kids. The joy on their faces made my day. Made quote cards appropriate for Shakti Mela - helping entrepreneur women and their crafts.. Paid for a school uniform for one needy girl. They were very appreciative. Sent Shakti Mela info on some of my contacts. June 13 Visited ... Read Full Story >>

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Hearts Connect Us

A few months ago someone gifted us a roomba, robot vacuum cleaner. We already have a regular vacuum cleaner and I didn't really see us using this new one, so it just sat in its box. One of our neighbors is moving away (next week) to a new house and I thought of asking her whether this might be something she could turns out that she enthusiastically replied YES!! Her new place has hardwood floors and her daughter was asking if they could get a roomba but she said they would have to wait and see....and now she doesn't have to buy one!  I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to see her daughter's response when she came over AND she was as excited about the flower seeds I gave her from our backyard to plant in their new home so that they will always have a piece of our ... Read Full Story >>

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Pop Time

For Father's Day, my girls gave me a "Pops Basket" filled with popcorn, PopTarts, popcorn shrimp, soda pop, Pop Chips, etc... I loved it, but won't consume some of the stuff because I have to keep an eye on my "pop bod".

Today, I took the Tootsie Pops with me to get my booster shot. I asked the pharmacist when he finished if I get a lollipop. He said only for the next shot. So, I gave him one instead. You should have seen his face. Surprised, smiling and delighted.
It wasn't the candy, but it was knowing I had brought it for him.

When I was clear to leave, I headed to Vons for some avocados. When I was done being wrung up, I gave the person, who I see every week, another Tootsie Pop. Same response.

Something so simple, can brighten a moment in a person's day!


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Kindness At Home

I have been home ill with a sore throat and feel like I have nothing to post about kindness. I am not out and about or doing much.
I have signed petitions, sent off emails to a friend and my mother and loved up the animals as best I can.
I came across this Jane Goodall quote. Thought the group would like it.

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