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Sharing Produce With Neighbors

๐ŸŒถ Had an excess of red bell peppers so gave them to neighbor along with some excess bananas ๐ŸŒ

We live on a very sharing block….we all share with one another….what a blessing to live here. Very grateful ๐Ÿ™

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Kindness Sweets

Took a box of chocolates and peanut butter cups for my mechanic when picking up my car from the shop. Gave homemade sweet to a friend who was kind and gave me a ride to the shop! Wrote an encouraging email to a struggling student. Signed up for a "mental health first aid" course to be able to help students more.

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Plants sale

I had quite a number of veg plants left over after having planted the ones that I needed in my allotment garden and as I couldn't bear to just throw the remainder onto the compost heap, I decided to hold a plant sale by the side of the road. I'd 30 small Tomato plants for a start and added to this Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Purple Broccoli. After a few hours, I'd recouped the cost of the compost (peat-free) and I could tell that passers-by were enjoying the bargains, so I went in search of more plants from those that I'd still to plant out. In came the French Beans, Mangetout, Peas and I was able to add some Strawberry runners to the mix. Honestly, I could have sold twice as much - maybe next year! The highlight was on the first day when I was in the kitchen writing up the ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Kindness Through Information!

I love helping people with valuable information. Today, I shared knowledge with an old and a an young man. Both were having some issues related to their family problems. I counseled and provided them with necessary information.

They were looking happy and satisfied with solutions.

Thanks to both of them.

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Community Kindness

After years of doing Random Acts of Kindness for many in my community, I received this Quilt from the Women of QUILTS FOR SURVIVORS of The Residential School system yesterday. A hand made Quilt lovingly made by these Women. The Four Bear claws in each square represents my area of Maskwacis (Bearhills) and that Four is a sacred number in my heritage of The Four stages of Life, Four Winds, Four Seasons in a year and Four Steps I need to heal. I love this Quilt and fully appreciate what these Women have made for me and now will continue to my Random Acts of Kindness with a clear heart, mind and Peace.

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Sometimes you cross paths with a special soul - like Billy, and you realize anew how each of us is so beautifully unique. After enjoying the warm, healing, spring fed, mineral water of The Plunge, MisterM and I decided to take a relax in the sauna before heading home. That’s where we met Billy. Finding a spot to sit on the tiered wooden benches, a slightly garbled voice welcomed us with, “When I was 5, I was living on Pine Ridge (reservation) and was hit by a drunk driver. I died 8 times.” Well, talk about an ice-breaker! I could barely see him in the darkened space, but discerned a stocky 40 something years of age presence with an askew right arm, swollen hand, and an off kilter set to his body and right leg. Billy continued, “I didn’t want to come back, but Wakan Tanka (Lakota for God) said I had to, because I ... Read Full Story >>

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๐Ÿฆท๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฆท. Dentist Office Appreciation

๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฆท Surprised some staffers at the dentist office yesterday with a few hugs (prayer shawls) I crocheted for them…big smiles gifted to me in return ๐Ÿ˜„. Made my day.

Met new dental hygienist….she knows her stuff & worked well with my new dentist. I see more hugs being crocheted, lol…one for her and one for dentist’s wife. ๐Ÿงถ

I told them they work well together & although one hour in the dental chair was a bit grueling ๐Ÿคช it was pain-free, so thanked dentist for that.

All the staffers there are so friendly & helpful. Grateful ๐Ÿ™

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Wreath For Lifeโ€™s Uncertainty

I learnt recently my friends's cousin lost her husband to sudden heart attack. She lives closer to my house in Chennai. My friend lives in London and so I placed a wreath on the body of the deceased on his behalf.

My friend was thankful.Sometimes you have to be there when people go through terrible times.
It waa a terible tragedy as the couple were planning to visit their daughter in USA at the end of the month.

Life goes on inspite of all the uncertainties !

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Being Patient And Forgiving

Let a lady in front of me in the checkout line

Allowed several cars in front of me in the construction zone.
Double tipped my waitress because she was so good, even while the place was short staffed.

Forgave a friend who had wronged me.

Thanked God for my blessings

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What A Lovely Surprise

What a lovely surprise it is when you get a 'kind cup' :-)
We congratulated the staff on the wonderful service and beautiful atmosphere. We love visiting this cafe in the garden centre. These cups are a great addition to the place, our 'kind' of place :-)
We left a few kind cards and a small tip as well.

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Little Miss Muffet

Last week, I was talking to my sister and she told me about her grandaughter playing with the cat I knitted for my sister some time ago. I told her I had a pattern for Litttle Miss Muffet which is a children's nursery rhyme: Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.

Here's a picture of her with her bowl sitting on the tuffet with the spider alongside.

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Friendship Renewed

Friendship renewed with gifts

Friends for about 30 years visited me from New Jersey. I met them about a year ago and stayed with them in their New Jersey home for 4 days. We used to live in nearby towns about ten minutes drive. We used to meet very often and help each other.

Like the sunrise after a long night, our renewed friendship brings warmth, hope, and the promise of a beautiful day filled with shared moments.

They also made a donation towards my kind acts. I am grateful to them.

I gifted them some quote cardsm books and some other items.

Amidst the noise of life, I heard familiar laughter, and suddenly, the colours of our friendship blossomed anew, painting my world with joy and love.--FriendshipY

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Cute Little Kind Acts ๐Ÿ™‚

Neighbour ordered 3 glasses of Sugar Cane juice. One for himself, one for me and one for his father. He don't have the change for 500 INR. So, he asked me change for 500 INR. Instead of giving change, I paid the bill. He said that he will give me money. I said no.

Neighborhood shop donated buttermilk packets to everyone as climate is hot.

Donated rice to people in need.

I am hungry. Father is taking rest. I holded my hunger for 5 minutes. Father came and I went for eating.

I helped neighbour in lifting cylinder into my shop.

Neighbour gave me coffee.

Neighbour brought me buttermilk packet from donation point.

I prayed for well being of all the Souls.

Person smiled. I smiled๐Ÿ™‚

I sent uplifting messages to the Soul Sister here๐Ÿ™

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Support The School Fees Of Low Income Families

My wife is an amazing supporter of education for girls and people in low income families. She wanted to sponsor the primary school fees for a girl who happens to be the daughter of household staff. She got my younger daughter to sponsor a big portion of the school fees and my younger daughter gladly agreed. I have no role in this kindness except having the pleasure of hearing it and sharing here. My wife also influenced a neighbor to contribute and they gladly agreed. Next month we plan to support the school fees of a child of our community gardener.

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Sunday Care Package

Made a care package for a neighbor and her partner who both have COVID--filled with healthy things to help them get back to health.

Wrote and mailed a lot of "get out the vote" postcards to encourage people to vote in the primary election

Crocheting a baby blanket for someone who is going to have a little one in a few months

Took a homeless individual grocery shopping

Shared inspiring music with several people

Sent encouraging messages

Expressed gratitude to a friend

Gave thanks for the rains!


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Supporting Earth

I've been buying from a company called Earthwise Girls who specialise in items which are plastic free and made as sustainable as possible. We have a reusuable deodrant - you put the biodegradable and natural deodrant into the case and it lasts for about three months.

In the last few months the company has been struggling but there loyal customers have continued to support them through this difficult time and they've begun pull through.

Christine who started the company and still runs it is very kind and recently they donated 400 packs of biodegradable sanitary towels to an organisation who is taking them to women in Rwanda. I wanted to acknowledge what Christine has done and so I knitted her a scarf and a stripy cat. The post person connected the package half an hour ago and I hope Christine will receive it tomorrow.

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Knitting And Earthโ€™s Day

I finished knitting and putting together an orange triceratops and I'm going to put him in the box for India. I'm in the process of knitting a pink stegosaurus for my daughter. When she was two we flew to Canada for a conference and we stayed with a family in Calgary with children a similar age to Ruth.

Before we flew home we visited a number of places in and around Calgary. The Zoo had a wonderful display of life size dinosaurs and Ruth fell in love with a stegosaurus. We bought a stegosaurus home with us so I thought it would spark memories for her.

In Celebration of Earth Day, I've put two window bird feeders up. The sunflowers I put in a pot a couple of weeks ago are growing well.

I've put together a collage of photos for you to see.

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Flower Bouquets For Administrative Assistant Day

About a decade ago for Administrative Assistants' Day I asked my students to bring one flower to school so we could make a bouquet for our office staff. That year we not only got single flowers but full bouquets as well.
A decade later it has spread to the entire school and the office is like a flower shop. Because we've done it for so long, some classes changed things up a bit, bringing plants, making and signing a poster and making individual cards. The kids love seeing the staff smile.

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Helping In Difficult Situation

Day 30:
I was going to donate to a GoFundMe that was close to my heart, but I had an unexpected opportunity to donate to one even closer, as a family at my school had a sudden very difficult situation arise, and a donation would be in order. Helping someone from your immediate community is crucial when you can.


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Face Paint and Twish Balloon Animals For Joy

Day 26:
Our older daughter has a party business and she has taught my wife (her mom) how to face paint and twist balloon animals.
Our younger daughter lives over a five hour drive from her sister and runs events in her area. She has asked me and her mom to come up next month, my wife to face paint and me, to twist balloons.
So, I've been learning and practice my balloon animals a little each day and have been bringing my creations to the grocery store on weekends or to my school to give to little brothers and sisters (3- and 4-year olds).
Today I gave a yellow dog to Martin, the little brother of a student in my class. Martin has recently turned 3. When I gave it to him this morning his joy brought me so much joy. He squealed, "Doggie!" and ran around the room holding up his new pet.

Filling Martin's bucket filled mine as well.


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