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Top 10 Stories of 2012: Story # 4 - A Young Boy's Groceries

--by starryskies, posted Dec 28, 2012

I stopped at a grocery store the other day because I was about to go on a long drive and I wanted to buy my favorite beverage for the trip.  It wasn't the store I normally go to, just one I passed along the way.

As I walked up to the entrance, I noticed a man and a boy who was about 10 or 12 years old standing at the front of the store.  Customers walked past, as the man handed them half-sheets of white paper.  I walked up to them with curiosity, wondering what cause they were representing.  As I got closer, I saw that they had two carts starting to fill with groceries.

I said hello and the man greeted me and handed me one of the pieces of paper, explaining that they were collecting donations for the local food pantry.  On the paper was a simple list of food items: peanut butter, noodles, pasta sauce, canned fruits and vegetables.  It also included a short story about the boy and his efforts to collect food donations since the age of 8.  I was really touched that someone so young would be so interested in helping others.  I told him it was an awesome idea and that he should be proud of himself.  He smiled.

Then, I went inside to get my drink.  Unfortunately, the store didn't have it in stock.  But, I wasn't upset, because by then I felt I had another mission.  I went through the store, picking things from the list, then brought them back out to the boy and put them in the cart.  I also gave the man the white sheet of paper back to reuse for another customer.  They thanked me and offered me a treat (candy, I think) but I said to pass it on to someone else.

As I walked back to my car, the boy's well-intentioned spirit stuck with me. How inspiring to encounter a young boy with a resolve to do good deeds, and the courage to act on it.

It made my day!

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thaata wrote: The innocence of childhood catches on goodness easily whereas we adults have to unlearn to bring forth the loving heart hidden inside us. But love surely touches everyone sometime somewhere.
Suketu wrote: I will share this with my children and others. Thanks.
bubblehugfairy wrote: There are so many great children in our world. Some of the best teachers ever. Thank you for sharing this. Hug
Twinkle wrote: That was such a lovely story. Children can be great teachers of kindness. Delicious.
mydream wrote: Charity begins with childhood and the world will be full of love
jsmc10 wrote: This little boy is amazing! Thank you for sharing and helping :)
Jami2d wrote: Beautiful! We are all born with kindness in our hearts. We are human though and we sometimes forget to keep our *kindars* as i call them (kindness radars)fine tuned. If we stay tuned in to others needs it will become natural and soon it will be contagious and these great boys will be the norm instead of the exception. Thank you:)
bilkis yusuf wrote: What a wonderful way to help others, very inspiring
zmansmom16 wrote: That was an awesome story. Thank you for caring and sharing.
denisemj wrote: I know his parents are so proud of him. Glad you had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful boy :)

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