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26 Random Acts of Kindness for Sandyhook

--by schugani, posted Jan 2, 2013
Ann Curry is calling on people all over the world to do 26 random acts of kindness for each of the people killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Here's some inspiration from people who have already begun:

1. "Let my 4-year-old pick a car to leave flowers on at Walgreens."


3. "Day 2: 100% tip for a server at one of my favorite lunch spots!"

4. "Instead of asking Santa for something, they brought him a Starbucks gift card."

5. "First act of kindness: paying for the car behind us crossing over the bridge."

6. "An amazing woman just came in and did this & tipped us $20. There are beautiful people in the world."

7. "Felt awesome to leave this on a car in the parking lot today. Not life changing but kindness is contagious."

8. "Day 1: A latte for the kind security guard who stands outside our building, rain or shine, making sure we are safe."

9. "This notecard and $ was given to my son today this afternoon by a complete stranger. What an amazing idea. I plan on joining in and paying it forward."

10. "I can't help anyone financially, so I'm visiting people."

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11. "Random act of kindness #1"

12. "Bringing comfort food to wounded warriors."

13. "Just paid off three families Toys R Us bills, hoping to heal the world with each random act of kindness."

14. "Jack Maxton Used Cars is joining 26 acts by donating 26 toys honoring victims of Sandy Hook."

15. "Students made a sign for our custodian who gives 110% at school and has a wife battling cancer."

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16. "#4 came when we visited the local firehouse to deliver a teddy bear our 4 year old picked out for their Toys For Tots drive. We thanked the young man and made sure he passed on our appreciation for the work all of his fellow first responders do."

17. "We made cookies for our firemen and even got to play dress up."

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18. "We're sending 26 blankets."

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19. "A simple one. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what would."

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20. "26 cuddly toys for the children's ward at Torbay Hospital."

21. "I am a teacher in Connecticut and I was the recipient of a #26Acts today from one of my 7th-graders."


23. "I'm in."

"I'm in."
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24. "Over halfway there! Just left $10 in my favorite childhood book."

"Over halfway there! Just left $10 in my favorite childhood book."

25. "Seattle Children's Hospital donation. #26acts"

"Seattle Children's Hospital donation. #26acts"

26. "The custodian is using tape to hold his shoes together. He works hard and deserves new shoes."

"The custodian is using tape to hold his shoes together. He works hard and deserves new shoes."

"He was so grateful. His eyes were filled with tears."

For those interested, here's a check sheet you can use:

For those interested, here's a check sheet you can use:

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Ron (Gross) wrote: Thanks for the wonderful conversation, everyone! Thanks to yen's extraordinary gifts for planning and facilitating, we created a lovely little community amidst the bustle of that dining area. It was great to share our personal experiences and thoughts about kindness, to commit to new ones, and to gang-compose that card at the end.

Btw, the books i mentioned were the art of gathering by priya parker; talking with strangers by kia stark (a ted talk); and conversation: how talk can change our lives by theodore zeldin.

For possible interest, the next cny monthly meeting will be at hunter college on wednesday, dec. 12th, on re-creating the holidays -- for detailed invite, write to grossassoc@aol. Com.

Have a great weekend!
Yen wrote: I donated a pint of blood and i started an annual blood drive on halloween.
Glen&Jan wrote: At the starbucks we were given a $10 gift from the person that was there previously. In it was the note with the 26 acts of kindness. We are starting our own 26 acts.
all69anna wrote: Thank you, it was good to be reminded of 26acts, and i love your examples!
Barbara wrote: A lady blessed me with an act of kindness at an heb store in bulverde tx, she came up to me and ask what she could do to help me today, i replied i could'nt think of anything i was having a good day. She handed me a 100. Bill to use for my groceries. Thank you goog lady
Heavensto wrote: Thank you for inspiring so many with a variety of way to share. There can never be too many acts of kindness!
touched wrote: This is a really good idea. I could start doing this too!
thaata wrote: A wonderful concept to change the feelings of sadness and anger into kindness acts to spread happiness all round. Thank you.
Chattooga High School wrote: This is the hosa program from chattooga high school, we are currently getting together to do our own 26 acts of random kindness. This inspired and we want to show our love and kindness to many people around us. Our school will be posting them in the summerville new paper and in our indian lore at school to explain everything. Ann curry is inspiring, /by the way these are some amazing ideas we will probably tie some of these in with ours or change them up a little it.
cinnamonhead wrote: Thank you for sharing this, going to start tomorrow!

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