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Immeasurable Generosity from a Friend

--by Tikit, posted Feb 18, 2008
My husband died in 1998 and the following year found me incredibly depressed, desperately lonely and totally overwhelmed.  I was living over 2,000 miles from my family, and his family had disappeared as if I had the plague.  My sister and my friends had been trying to get me to sell and move for several months and a close friend invited to move to the town where she lived.  Though I knew I should sell (I couldn't keep the place up), it was impossible for me to consider, as there was no way I could handle the mortgage until it sold, and also pay for an apartment.
My friend invited me into her home, to live there with her, free of charge.  She has a large, beautiful home, and though I seriously considered it, I didn't want to "put her out" or become a burden, and told her it could take months or even years to sell my place.  But she said she realized that and didn't care, and 18 months after I became a widow I moved into her home, which was several states away.
Not only did I live with her for over a year, but when my property finally sold, she accompanied me on the long drive (14 hours), and we used her car, as it was newer and much more comfortable than mine. 
When I finally got my own place, she stated that she knew I could never pay her back financially, and she didn't ever want that, but instead, she said that someday if I got the opportunity, to pass it on to someone else who needed some help, and that the "generosity" need not be financial.
What she did for me was immeasurable.  It wasn't just the sharing of her home and the easing of my burden; she taught me that the best way to get through a really bad patch or depression, was to reach out and help someone else.  She is of course, still my very best friend and I have never forgotten the lessons I learned from her.  It wasn't until 2005 (Hurricane Katrina) that I was finally able to pay back her enormous gift to me by helping someone else in the manner she had done for me.  (But that's another story.) 

Needless to say, I will never, ever forget her generosity; and I find it only fitting that I look for ways, no matter how small, to share a little kindness with others every day.
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Maggie wrote: Please tell us the other story too!
woel wrote: Tikit, what a beautiful story, and what a wonderful friend. May both of you be blessed.
perseverance wrote: Graet one thanks
Barry wrote: Powerful, powerful story. I like to hear stories where others help others with no demands, except pay it forward. Your story made me smile. Thank you.
BigRedClown wrote: that's a lovely story. thanks for sharing :0)
bibirose wrote: Tikit you & your friend really know what true friendship is all about, shalom from Bibirose.
katlampi wrote: This is a great example of paying it forward. Thanks for posting this with us. It is great that your friend's kindness is not forgotten and is still an active part of your life.
brighteyes wrote: WOW! Wish I had a better response but that is what I felt and said after reading your story....WOW!

Your friend is special and so are you...sharing, caring and passing it along.


Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
JuneBug wrote: Dear Tikit, You are so wonderful! You made my day even brighter with your comment. Thank you! Your kindness doesn't go unappreciated, believe me...:}
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That's great Tikit. Thanks for not forgetting and paying it forward. We cannot control some of the tough things that happen in life but we can always control how we respond. Thanks for sharing and making a difference!

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