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Back when we started the KindSpring experiment, we had no idea it would go this far. Our fundamental belief was, and continues to be, that compassion is contagious -- that it has to spread of its own accord. So we never seek press attention, focusing instead on more person to person interaction. Still, over the years, we've been featured in over a dozen books, written about in many newspapers and magazines, spoke about in radio shows, you name it. Small and big. We've even made it in a couple of small films. What we're most happy about, though, is the fact that stories on our site, from everyday hereos around the world, have often spread wildly -- few times to millions. That's inspiring, because it will create a ripple effect of even more generosity in the world.

Below is a random sampling of some coverage, some old and some new.

Recent Press

A Kindness Journey
Long time KindSpring volunteer shares a candid interview with how Smile Cards have shaped his life.

The Ripple Effect Of Kindness
Venture capitalist Birju Pandya speaks about the merits of kindness.

Designing For Generosity
Nipun Mehta about what could emerge if we start with the assumption that everyone wants to be generous.

Smile Cards Make It to CNN!
Just one of those old but classic moments in the journey of Smile Cards.

Compassion in Action
Trishna Shah, one of the visionaries of our site, speaks to a big audience in London.

Kindness: A way of Living
This is a video, courtesy of two interns we once hosted, back when they were 14. :)

Related Videos

Here are two videos by David and Hi-Jin Hodge, each of them well worth the quiet contemplative few minutes.

Nipun Mehta on Smile Card Origins

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note. Thanks for your friendship in kindness!