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Biscuits On A Cold February Night

I was sitting on the front steps of a small bakery near where I live and eating some noodles. I was enjoying my meal in peace with no one around. There is a burned out house right opposite the bakery and I know a group of people live there. The house has no electricity and has very poor ventilation.    I happened to glance up from my noodles and I saw a group of women gathered outside the house. They were sitting on the ground sharing a meal of some sort.    Seeing them there, a thought occurred to me. I am grateful for the food I receive every day but there are also folks who may be getting one square meal a day, or less. I felt that I needed to go visit with the women who were sitting there.   I bought a large packet of biscuits from the bakery and went over. The women looked slightly ... Read Full Story >>

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For Us And Them.

A friend and I decided to go for a vegetarian dinner today. We went to a nearby restaurant run by a beautiful lady, who is really warm and kind. We ordered our food, which turned out to be delicious and light as usual, and we enjoyed our meal so much. We were being kind to ourselves by eating simple, nutritious, food cooked with care and love. However, there happened to be SMILE cards on my person and another greeting card, so we decided that this was a great opportunity to be kind to someone else too. We had a hush hush chat with one of the lovely people who were serving us, and pointed,winked,gestured at the couple sitting at the next table, and told him that we wanted to pay their bill. He agreed, and my friend wrote out a beautiful card for them, and we attached a SMILE card as ... Read Full Story >>

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Soap Story

The washrooms at university do not have soap, and a friend and I felt that this was a very unhygienic practice. So, we decided to initiate a small project where we would place hand wash in as many washrooms as we can, with little notes pasted on the washroom walls.

We went to a store and bought loads of hand wash and refills, and began placing them in the washrooms near our classrooms. We've provided an e-mail id in our little notes, and told students to inform us when the hand wash becomes empty, and we will refill them within 24 hours.

The reactions from those who are using the hand wash has been very pleasing. We decided to remain anonymous, however there is a great deal of speculation going on, and that's exciting.

It's a wonderful way to serve, and this idea emerged in my head, while attending a Moved By Love retreat recently. I am so grateful to my friend for helping me implement my idea. 

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