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Dubai Market

A few of us friends got together for a random acts of kindness event at a flea market in Dubai. 

We collected items from our homes, our neighbors, and our friends, which could make good gifts. Then we put up a bright and chirpy stall at the market, put all our gifts on display, and took a lot of people by surprise! 

We had a gratitude board too, where people pinned up their answers to the question, "What are you grateful for?" 

And we had a basket full of kindness ideas for people to pick up and, hopefully, put into practice!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day!

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Overweight Baggage

I was at the airport a few days ago, to take a flight from Pune to Bangalore. I was at the check in counter in good time, there was absolutely no queue. I unfortunately was overweight (still working on living a minimalistic life =P) and had to step away to go reshuffle my luggage between check-in and hand carry. By the time I got back to the counter, there was a line of about 20 people before me.

 As I stood there, the gentleman who assists lifting bags onto the weigh scale at the counter (who'd assisted me a little while before), made eye contact with me and we smiled at each other. He then came up to me, took my bag to another counter, weighed it for me to check if all was good. He then came to me, took my bag went to the desk, got me checked in and handed me my boarding pass! All without saying anything :) He really didn't need to do that...It made me smile all the way to the flight :)

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Letter Earthlings

For context - Friends and I started what are now flourishing social initiatives - The Goodwill Tribe and Letter Earthlings. At a Letter Earthlings event, people come together to write letters of love, support and encouragement for strangers. The community is invited to nominate people in their lives who are going through a tough time to receive these letters and it is these stories that are presented at the events.

We hosted an event in Dubai a few weeks ago and for the first time ever, little kids joined us. We were AMAZED by their words of purity, innocence and wisdom :) Here's a really cute and inspiring letter from a 7 year old to a woman battling cancer.

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