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The Dishwasher

When people are in need of help, you help, whatever you can do to make their life a little bit easier. Whether it's a bag of groceries, some warm blankets that they borrowed for a cold night, or just a ride to work. I'm in the restaurant business, and I close the place just about every night, it's cool, but I have one situation. "My dishwasher", he's riding his bike to work. He had a car, but it broke down, so now he rides his bike; rain sleet or cold, and his better days are when it's nice. That's not the problem, the problem is that he's sixty plus years old..., and being in the restaurant business, "you need a dishwasher", rain, sleet or cold. He's riding to his first job in the morning, then back home to take a nap, then heads toward me for his second job. Waiting for the ... Read Full Story >>

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