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Overworked Pregnant Waitress

Recently my husband was in the hospital after a heart attack. As I sat alone in the cafe at the hospital, I felt such empathy for the one lone waitress in the large dining room there. This young woman looked very close to giving birth and she was working so hard, my heart went out to her as she waited on table after table, including a group of about 12 or more people. I was inspired to leave a smile card but that felt too insignificant in itself so I went to the hospital gift shop & bought a little stuffed animal for her baby. I planned to just leave it anonymously but she came back in the room just then so I presented the bag to her with a smile card inside & just told her it was something for her baby. The look that came over her face was one of shock and disbelief. It was though she was frozen there for a moment. She smiled and thanked me as I walked out of the room. I've thought about that young woman many times since and hope it has made a small difference in her life.

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Smile Cards, Notes and Little Surprises

I have a little book of 'sticky notes' I purchased at a card shop at Christmas time, not sure who I would give the notes to or if I would use the individual funny notes at work. Well, I finally figured out how to use them.

I selected about 10 different notes, added my own little messages to them and placed them in envelopes w/ a smile card. One says how everything tastes better with hot fudge on it, so I will buy a jar of hot fudge to have ready to pass on to someone. One mentions a relaxing bubble bath so that will go with a nice bottle of bath bubbles. One jokes about popcorn so of course I will attach some microwave popcorn to the envelope. A couple envelopes have money in them for a treat which the sticky note mentions and so on.

On the backs of the envelopes I have penciled in what is inside or what should go with it so I can easily give them out when the occasion arises.  On some envelopes I wrote things like, "If you found this, it's for you," or "Finder's keepers... this is yours."

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