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Kindness Ninja Saturday!

Happy weekend, RAOKtivists! It's Kindness Ninja Saturday!! My sweet class of 23 second graders absolutely love sneaking out of our classroom and performing acts of kindness. We call ourselves the Kindness Classroom and we are Kindness Ninjas! The Kindness Ninjas' favorite RAOK was hiding bottles of bubbles around the playgrounds.

The past two Fridays, the Kindness Ninjas have made positive post-it notes for their friends as well as for some anonymous recipients. A big ninja snuck around after school and put some of these on teachers' classroom doors!

So....take it from the Kindness Ninjas...

Be kind. Be nice. Be sweet. And, never forget that together we can be the change we wish to see in the world! 

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Kindness Calendar For Kids!

I've been inspired by the shared stories from teachers introducing the Kindness Challenge to their students. I've spent this rainy morning working on a Kindness calendar for my second graders. Can't wait to get started...they are going to eat this up!  (Update: great idea to share!  Here's the PDF of the calendar and list of ideas.)

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A Little Library...

I started a small neighborhood book exchange. My husband put the shelves together for me and we supplied the "seed" books to get things rolling. I also designed and printed free bookmarks for patrons to take with them. My hope is that people will choose a book, enjoy it and return it for another...along with contributing a few books of their own to share with their neighbors and friends.

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Fly On the Wall-Wannabe

I read the email about the No Complaining challenge first thing this morning and I suspected that I might struggle with it...and I was right. 

This challenge may need to be an ongoing, underlying challenge for the extent of the 21 days. I'm not a big complainer, but I certainly do my fair share of whining.

So....I decided to augment my kindness acts with one I was very excited about. We have a neighborhood laundry mat down the street where mostly retired couples do their weekly laundry. I snuck in after work and loaded up a washer and dryer with quarters and smile cards.

I was especially excited to see a washer in use with no one around. I knew then that someone would be getting a "smile" very soon! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall! 

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Free Paper Monday

The teachers at my school have to order enough copy paper to last them the entire year out of our ever-decreasing yearly order stipend. Many of us end up buying paper with our own money because the yearly stipend just doesn't go far enough. 

Today I snuck down to the copy room and loaded all the copiers up with paper. 

I added a Smile card and a note wishing everyone a "Wonderful Monday!"

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