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Goin' Around the Neighborhood

I left flowers on one neighbor's porch today and freshly picked cherry tomatoes on the other's. Karma works immediately sometimes. A different neighbor called me later in the day, and offered me delicious Asian pears off of his tree. I love it!

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African Inspiration

Today I bought a piece of art from a vendor at a festival. Her artwork was inspired by Africa and so I asked if she had ever been there. She answered 'no' and that she hoped to some day. After paying for the artwork, I  handed her a $20 bill and said that it was for her fund to travel to Africa someday. She was so touched that she reached out to hug me! It made my day and I will always have that story with the art that now graces my wall.

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Mini Neighborhood Library

My son and I walked down the block to a new 'mini library' on the corner. This small, open, wooden box is nailed onto a 2x4 in a front yard at an intersection.

It is super sweet and painted brightly, and overflowing with books! It is a free library, leave one, take one. We brought two children's books, a couple of YES! magazines I have been saving and decided to pass on, and another bestseller I had been planning to take to the local bookstore as a trade.

It feels good to not always think about the money and just give it away. It always comes back one way or another. I enjoyed doing this with my son and his two friends.

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