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40 'Left Over' Carnations From Graduation

Recently I graduated from high school, and as a gift I recieved a huge bouquet of carnations; 40 to be exact! I had so many that I didn't know what to do with them. The next weekend my niece and nephew came (ages 4 and 5) and we took every single carnation and tied a smile card to it's stem. We then went to our local Dillions Store and I gave each of them one flower at a time. I explained that these flowers would make other people smile, and then they could take the cards and do something nice for someone else! They loved the idea, but I wasn't sure if they fully grasped the idea. Furthermore, I thought that they possibly might get to shy at the last minute, but boy was I suprised! My nephew ran excitedly through the doors of the store and found the very ... Read Full Story >>

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Survivor Flowers

A few weeks ago, my mother, brothers and I went to Wal-Mart to get some things for my upcoming trip. It was pretty late, and the store, although huge, was very empty. However, as we approached the checkout lane, I noticed a lady wearing a baseball cap over her bare head. She looked tired, and it was pretty obvious that she was going through chemo.. .that, and my mother approached her and asked her. You see, a few years ago, my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer. It was really hard for all of us, exspecially since we were in the middle of my parents divorce. But she got through it...but I always remember how stressful that time was. So when I saw that lady, I turned around, back out of the check out line, and headed to the flower section! I found the prettiest bouquet of pink (breast cancer survival ... Read Full Story >>

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A Pen With A Smile

I recently went to the bank to cash a check that I had. I really didn't want to go, but I knew that I had to so I decided that I would make the trip to the bank worthwhile and fun!

I grabbed this smiley pen that I had been saving and smile card and I attached it to the pen along with a post it note that said "Keep the pen, smile, and pass on the card!"

When I got my money out of the tube that the bank sends back and forth, I slipped in the pen and cards, so that the next person that came to cash their check, would get more than just money...they would get a bank smile!

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My Grandma's Breakfast at IHOP

I have been using the smile cards for quite a while, and I try to get my family members to do it with me. It is a lot of fun.

Recently, my grandparents went on a trip to New Mexico, and on their way home they stopped at an IHOP to eat breakfast. When they had finished, the guy came over with the bill, but when my grandfather opened up the folder containing the bill, there was nothing!

The waiter said the a young man had paid for their breakfast! They were so suprised! My grandmother called me and told me the story and said that "wasn't it like those cards that I used!" And I said yes, it was. She thought that it was awesome and now she wants some cards!

It just goes to prove that if you do nice things for others, nice things will happen to you!

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Red Slushies!

My mom and I did this one. My niece and nephew were in the car behind us with their mom and dad and we were going through spangles...we bought two red slushies, paid for them, and then had the lady give it to them with a card when they pulled through the drive through. It was something little, but fun!

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One Hundred Kind Acts

Okay, I have been working really hard on this project, and as of 15 minutes ago, I finished it!

I work on the college newspaper, and this last week was assigned to do a column. I decided to write over Random Acts of Kindness, but got to thinking and wrote about a whole lot more than that!

This Monday, the newspaper will be handed out to students all around campus! I wrote challenging everyone on campus to do RAK. I gave my e-mail address so they could get some cards from me and whatever. I set the goal at 100 acts before the end of the year! I started a blog so that they can post their stories and we can keep track of how many people are using the cards! I also gave the helpothers web address!

I hope that this project takes off! We will find out this Monday, that is when the paper comes out!

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Last weekend my dorm mate was kind of bummed. We don't really know each other too well, but we get along. I had just recieved some coupons for Build-a-Bear Workshop and was excited about going to make a bear. But I decided that maybe she needed it more. I took her to Build-a-Bear and let her make a teddy bear and I let her use my coupons. She was laughing so hard that by the time we left, she had a smile stuck on her face! It was a lot of fun!

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Bearing Smiles

Recently I went to a restaurant with my grandparents. I decided that it was time to use a card. We ate our dinner and got ready to leave, but before I left, I layed a smile card on the table along with a tiny bear figurine that I had made. Then, I hurried towards the door.

Before I got there, the waitress saw what was at the table and called out to me that I had forgot something. I told her no, it was hers! She smiled, and that was the last time I saw her. It was really exciting, and a new way to spead smiles! Plus, one of my bears now has a home, and is "bearing smiles!"

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Penguin Journal

I know this girl who was having a hard time, and had mentioned that she wanted to get a journal to record stuff in. So, knowing that she loved penguins, I bought a notebook and penguin stickers to decorate it. It made her smile, and she got the smile card!

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Giant Smiley Face!

I work on a college newspaper, and we share the lab with the magazine staff. It always gets really hard around deadline day. Everyone is grumpy and frantically trying to get stuff done. They forget sometimes to smile. So, I found this giant smiley face at a garage is bigger than me! I bought it and took it into the computer lab where we all work and I thumbtacked it to the wall! It was hilarious! It did the trick though! Everyone smiled and when deadline days come around, if someone is in a bad mood, or is getting to wrapped up in work, we just smile at them and point to the wall! And it usually works! Plus, the added bonus is that anyone who comes in to see us is instantly caught off guard by the giant yellow smiley face but the first thing they do is smile! So basically, I installed a smile machine! And all it cost was a dollar at a garage sale!

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Soldier's Dinner

My mom just got back from a teacher's convention in Nashville Tennessee, and they went to a restaurant where there was this soldier eating dinner all alone. She decided to pay for his meal but when they went to do it, someone had already done it! The waiter said he couldn't believe how many people were willing to pay for a complete stranger's dinner.

Then, on her plane ride home, there was another soldier on the plane and he was headed home to see his family. The flight attendent was talking to him and said that they would like to offer him a free seat in first class!

So it looks like the random acts of kindness are kicking off!!!

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RAK Spreading Fast

I thought that everyone should hear this! My local radio station started this thing called "KSOK's Random Acts Of Kindness." They have a party bus and randomly go out and suprise people.

They have partnered with a local bank and go around to local businesses. For instance, today, they pulled into Sonic and stood at the door and waited for a big order and they followed the waiter to the car and paid for the whole meal! They also go to places like the grocery store and pay for random people's groceries! They pop up in many places!

I thought that it was cool that the randomness of being nice is finally starting to catch on!

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a BIG brown box!

Normally I would be posting a story about who I gave my smile card too...however, today, I am the reciever!

I recieved a very large cardboard box from UPS yesterday and an even larger suprise! Inside was a wide variety of items, including stuffed animals and books to pass on to the local safe house for my project! Included was a letter, and (of course) a smile card! I think I sat for a good fifteen minutes in complete and total aww! And the smile on my face...well, it's still there!

The contents of that box really inspired me and made me feel really great! So, right now, I am sending a telepathic hug and a super huge THANK YOU to my "smiley" friend in Canada! You really made my day!

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A smile for a kid who needed it!

My mom came to see me at college and then we went to see my little brother play basketball. While we were there, we saw one of her students who had a lot going on in his life at the time. He had it pretty rough.

He finished playing basketball and was now just waiting. So my mom grabbed a smile card from her purse and smiled at me and we were off! We decided to purchase a hot dog for him and I was going to deliver it (he didn't know me)!! So we bought the hot dog and mom wrote "great job tonight" on the card with a smiley face!!! I went and got the hot dog, and delievered it!

He just sat there and looked at me!!! He was in shock! But then he took it. It was so cute! He was one of those kids that didn't have nice things happen to him too often so this little gesture knocked him off his feet! It was cute, and my mom and I had fun!

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New town, new school, and Lady bugs!

I recently moved to a new a week ago...and started my first year in college! I didn't know anyone, but I met this girl while I was working on the school newspaper. She, like myself, is very clumsy! The third day of school, while I was at work, she came in and had this huge moon boot on. She had broken her toe. The next day they put a cast on it. She was really bummed out. So I offered to come over later that night, and hang out with her. What she didn't know was that I am an artist, so when I got there, we were talking and she kept talking about how ugly her cast was, and I said, "Well, let's change that!" I grabbed a permanant marker and within an hour her bright red cast was covered in lady bugs! Her favorite thing! We had so much fun, and guess what, now I have a friend! Just goes to prove that if you go out of your way to be nice to people, it can be rewarding!

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