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An Unexpected Blessing

Years ago a college friend and I set out across the US on a post-college adventure. Our vehicle broke-down in New London, Ontario, Canada on a Sunday afternoon.

We were towed to a garage where we spent the night sleeping in the van waiting for the owner to open the next morning. We left the van to be repaired and set out raising money working odd jobs throughout the day.

When we returned the mechanic had finished the work, but the job cost $100 more than we had earned that day. Tired and now more than a little disconsolate, we decided to ask the mechanic if we could send him the remainder of the money from our destination in Boston, MA.

To our surprise and relief he agreed. When we arrived in Boston three days later, we immediately sent the balance to him as well as a note of great appreciation for the trust he shared with two, young strangers.

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One Good Turn....

I was a grateful recipient of kindness today. We are about to take in a Guatemalan woman and her infant child for three weeks, until the infant is healthy enough to move.

I was on this morning searching for a bassinet and car seat. Then I spent the afternoon harvesting the generosity of others, who will in turn allow us to provide much needed housing to this woman and her infant.

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