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State ID for elderly neighbor

I took my elderly neighbor to get her State ID today and then took her on the errands she needed to do. She has a daughter that lives only 4 miles away, but she doesn't drive due to a car accident. This was our second trip to the DMV/Secretary of State because the first time she didn't have everything she needed.

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Grateful For Being Taught To Love My Neighbors.

I'm grateful that my Mom taught me to love and respect my elders. Tonight as the power was flashing on and off, I lit a candle in my apartment.

Then I went and checked on 3 elderly neighbors between the ages of 84 and 92. I took candles and a lighter with me to make sure that they would be okay if the power did indeed go out. I know that at their age, a fall could be devastating.

These women are wonderful and I love them like they were my own grandmothers. Besides, how can I expect someone to help my grandma, if I'm not willing to help and check in on another person's grandma. Thank you Mom.

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