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Paying It Backwards Also Works

Good afternoon :) I went to McDonald's this morning and the line through the drive up was super long. Someone allowed me to go in before them. So, when I got to the window to pay for my food I also gave the cashier money to pay for the person who let me go ahead of them. I wanted them to know how much I appreciated their kindness.

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Scattering Kindness Seeds

What a busy and fun-packed day it's been! I went to pick up my uncle in order to take him to lunch but he wasn'r feeling well so he asked to take a pass. It'll happen when it's ready to happen. I then ended up giving a ride to someone who needed it and they turned around and bought me a breakfast sandwich. Later, while I was taking a walk I was noticing so much. Which brought to mind how much we miss when we're driving. Finally, I  went to visit my cousin and they treated me to a frosty. At every turn, someone was showing kindness to another<3. What a beautiful day it was. spreading the seeds of kindness all around:).

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Scott the Smiling Server

A friend and I went to eat at a restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. We were blessed with a waiter named Scott. He seemed to love his job. He smiled and helped and was witty throughout our visit. We gave him a smile card and $5 to take off someone's bill that he thought could use the help. Thanks, Scott, for making the world a brighter place.


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