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Church Hats

I was recently at an estate auction. Sometimes in order to get rid of a lot of items quickly, the auctioneer will group a bunch of items together in a lot. There was a box of fancy old church hats in a box with a vintage purse that I wanted. I bid on the lot and won. Even though the hats were interesting and pretty, I didn't really want them. So, I approached another bidder who I had noticed was bidding on boxes of old hats and asked her if she would like the ones that came in my box. She said yes, and I gave them to her. She proceeded to tell me that she was sending all the hats to Tennessee where fancy hats are very popular with the church ladies. She sends them to her sister who sells them at a thrift store so that she is able to buy her cancer medications. I had no idea that was why she was buying the hats, but some one sure knew! I am a nurse and see lots of cancer patients. Her act of kindness really touched my heart.

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