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Ripples of a tip on my daughter

As a family we were blessed to afford a meal out last February.
In this ecomony and this time of year money is tight but budgeting and keeping on track we went and enjoyed every bite!

Our waitress was great - smiling, checking on us, offering suggestions - overall great experience. When the bill game I signed the bill and slipped a SMILE card inside with $50 tip for a happy, heathly and joyous holiday!
My daughter was in awe by the gesture and I knew immediately the experience of kindness would not only impact our waitress but would leave a lasting impression on my daughter and that was priceless!

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Paying It Forward!

I stopped at the local coffee shop drive-thru this morning and was surprised to find that my coffee had been paid for by the car in front of me. I was instantly smiling and counting my blessings. I asked the girl at the window the cost for the two cars behind me and simply handed her the money and asked her to tell each driver to have a wonderful Monday morning and to pay it forward with kindness to others. Great day!

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Wishes Fulfilled

Yesterday, I 'adopted' a family in need for the holidays. I have their wish list and can't wait to start putting all their wishes together. What an amazing position to be in and overwhelming to my emotions.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to give in such a special way. I hope this family of 8 can enjoy the holidays and find peace and happiness in the days that follow. Raising 6 children is no easy task and asking for help can be hard.

I will never meet this family or see their expressions when their wishes come true but knowing that I helped is all I need. I have been blessed with a wonderful job for many years now and have at times lost myself in my own wants and needs;

But this year, I made a promise to myself. This year and going forward - kindness, gratitude and selfless acts is what my heart seeks and I am prepared to fulfill them all. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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