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Thanking An Anonymous Angel For Helping A Loved One In Distress

Thank You, Universe, for sending an anonymous angel to safeguard my beloved father when he was lost in the midst of an episode of panic and confusion. Dear, dear angel, I don't even know your name. You saw my father's distress, you stopped your car on a busy street and convinced him to accept a ride and worked with him until he had calmed enough to describe the place he was trying to get to (another family member's house) and stayed until they answered the door. I can never, ever thank you enough for your kindness. I can only pay it forward. I WILL.

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River Kindness

This afternoon we took Doggie down to the river for a swim : ) Our closest access point is a nice, rural spot maintained as a public boat ramp but with NO garbage cans : /  So every time we go there, I like to spend a bit of time collecting trash.

Today is the first time I remembered (hooray!) to bring a pocket knife so that I could cut free the yards and yards of fishing line dangling from tree roots along the river bank. The tangled mats of non-biodegradable plastic line (often with fish hooks and lead sinkers attached) are a hazard to wild waterfowl. What I collected today was just a small fraction of what is there, but it felt good to do!

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Feelin' Groovy

I love going to the grocery store now that I am constantly looking for opportunities to do small, spontaneous acts of kindness! There's always something, every single time! Today at the checkout counter I helped the woman in line behind me unload the many items in her cart onto the conveyor belt. She was very grateful as she had an infant strapped to her chest and two toddlers in tow. Smiles all around. As I exited the store, there was an older man standing out front playing a guitar and singing, of all songs, one of my very favorites -- Feelin' Groovy! It made me so happy that I stood there in the sun dancing a little, tapping out a rhythm on the side of my cart, and singing along. "Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the moment last..." When he finished the song, I clapped and reached into my change purse for some coins but he refused to accept any money and instead handed me one of his home-made CDs!  Kindness circles round and round :)

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