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Free Pizza For Class

I always wanted to try this. 

I talked to a buddy of mine and he reminded me of a night class that he had.  I always wanted to tag a group of people and so I decided I would tag his class.

Everyone knows from student life that when you have a night class, for some reason or another, you always get hungry!   So this class was from 7pm to 9pm, with about 25 students, and I decided that I would buy some pizza for the whole class.

I walked in after the class had started and delivered the pizza.  A bit puzzled, the teacher asked the class who ordered pizza and I explained that I was bringing it on my own will.  Everyone looked a little bit stunned, in a good kind of a way. :)

She really wanted to give me a tip, but I told her that the only tip I would accept is if they all did something nice for somebody else.  I also made sure to leave them Smile Cards and they were all definitely moved by this gesture.


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Bad Exam Leads To Random Tagging!

I had just finished writing a test and was not feeling so great about it so I decided that I was going to "tag" people to make myself feel better.

I bought a bag of chocolates and walked around the library asking people if they would like some chocolate.  Some people said no because they gave up chocolate for lent, but others definitely loved it!

I was definitely in a better mood after the hour of tagging people with chocolates.  The smiles that I received back  definitely made me feel better about my test.

Any ideas of other things that could be passed out instead of chocolate?

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I was at pita pit and decided that I would spread some kindness by paying for two drinks for the next customers. I left the person at the counter money for two drinks and two smile cards.  I told him to give the drink to somebody who doesn't purchase a drink and to also give it to two people who are not related.

I felt good about myself and felt even better later that night.  Later that night I went to grab slice of pizza for dinner.  After paying for the drink, I decided that I needed a drink as well.  When I told the cashier which drink I wanted and went to pay for the drink, the cashier said  "Don't worry about it".  I confirmed what he said and said thank you and walked away in awe.

After walking around the corner, did I realize what had happened.  I went back in the store and gave the person a smile card for that kind gesture.

Who would have known that karma works that fast.

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