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Birthday Surprise: A Blast from the Past

Two weeks before my wife's birthday, I contacted some of her friends from university and requested that they send a video wishing her a "Happy Birthday". I asked them to recount any pleasant memories they had from their university days. I received seven videos from friends she had not been in touch with for eight years! Many of them described fun memories from college and talked about how they miss those times. When I showed the videos to my wife on her birthday, she could not stop smiling. She was very happy and I saw tears of happiness in her eyes. A simple gesture made her birthday special by connecting her to old friends.

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Spreading Kindness

I bought a coffee for the old lady who sells fruits and vegetables in the market near my office. At first she was surprised and had question mark on her face. She asked me, "What this is for?" and I said, " This is an appreciation for all your hard work and for standing whole day in this cold weather. This is my thanks to you" and handed over kindspring smile card to her which mentioned to spread the kindness and pass over that card to the other person.

She had a bright smile on her face and was very happy. That look on her face made me very happy and I realized that there is a connection with every part of the nature. the only thing we need to learn is how to connect and I believe that kindness is the master key.
I saw the same lady after 2 days and she said to me smilingly, "I have passed on that card with added kindness". Again the nature got it connected.

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