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Hikers Guide to Southern California

We have an intern who works a few cubicle away from me. He is from Canada and has been planning to go to LA for a couple of days. He has been meaning to look up hiking trails there, as he loves to hike.

When I found 'a hiker's guide to southern california' in the bookstore I frequent - with wonderful maps and details - I decided to get one and put it in his cube with a smile card.

Now he has decided on a couple of hikes from the book, and the book is a common resource for all interns who work at my company. :) a mini-smile library in the making.

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healthy alternative

I usually crave a sugar rush in the middle of the afternoon at work. And the alternatives are not always healthy . Its either a candy bar, soda or coffee. I wish we had more healthy alternatives.  So decided to go ahead and make it happen. I left a single serving size pack of Soy milk right next to the soda vending machine at work a couple of days back, then a fruit - and helped someone stay away from soda/candy they did not really need :)

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Lugging Laptops

I never realized one tag would lead to another. I was in the midwest sometime back to help my friend pack and move (out of the country) and found out she had a couple of old laptops and cellphones she had to get rid of. I remembered that the recycle centers in CA are among the best for old electronics - they get dismantled only as the last resort - usually they find a new home for them. So I lugged back a couple of laptops and a cellphone - which will hopefully find use in someone else's  life :)

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