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Got some gas?

I was pumping gas today at a Rotten Robbie and a construction-worker type of a guy walked near me and asked, "Mind filling a gallon?" Well, that is a new one for me! Just when he asked, my tank was full. I took his small container, filled it and gave it back to him. He said, "Thanks, man" and walked to his old pickup.

I then turned, hooked up the pump to the machine and in the display it asked, "Receipt?" and I pressed "No". Suddenly I started laughing. I always say yes when asked if I want a receipt because I use it for tax purposes (I am a consultant and I can tax deduct my official use of my car). But today I said no for no reason - and I realized that the last gallon makes the whole transaction anonymous!

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Watchman Joins 5 Bucks Club

Since my parents are away, they had asked a watchman to look after their house. I happened to visit my parents place and got to know that the watchman was sick and is at the hospital. He came back the same evening from the hospital and said he didn't have the time to find a replacement and hence he discharged himself from the hospital to be at the house for the night.

While chatting with him, he said he has to take an x-ray and do other checkups and said that he will do it only at the end of the month after he gets his pay. I asked him not to wait and paid him for the checkups.

The next day, I was about to hop into the taxi to return to my place. The watchman stops me, gives me 5 bucks and says, "From an elder for your expense during the journey." There is no way to repay such kindness. I have no choice but to pay it forward.

So, now we have a watchman in the five bucks club!

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Being there...

I got a call at 9pm on 30th December 06 from a friend who was stopping by a nearby store. He remembered I live nearby and wanted to wish me for the new year. He is a publisher of an ethnic magazine that he distributes personally in dozens of stores in the bay area. I knew that he had at least 2 more hours of work. I asked him whether I could join him. He asked me go to the next restaurant he was heading to in the next 10 minutes. For the next 2 hours, we went around the bay area distributing the magazine and throughout the drive, he was telling me about the ending year, his dreams for the magazine for the next year, his insights, ideas, hopes... Once the job was done, we checked into a Starbucks and he went on for another 1 hour. In the end, ... Read Full Story >>

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