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New Beginnings and Tranformation

I decided to focus on a co-worker going through a hard time last week.  She's an incredibly amazing person who teaches yoga on the side to "at-risk" youth and always has a calming effect on any room.  She was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to do something for her to show her that we all collectively are here to support her. 

I decided to buy her a healing necklace with a lotus design, symbolic for new beginnings and transformation, and tourmaline stones, known for healing energy.  I sent the gift anonymously so I hope she liked it!  I haven't seen her since the necklace was delivered. 

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Lunch in Walnut Creek

I have been meaning to post this story for the past few weeks--my husband and I were in Walnut Creek to run errands.  We decided to stop off at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch; we asked to eat on the patio.  It just so happened that across from us, on the other side of the glass (in the restaurant) two women had just sat down for lunch. 

One woman was visibly upset and repeatedly left in tears.  I decided that she would be a perfect candidate for a tag--it was kind of difficult to tag her without her noticing as she was sitting directly across from us but luckily we had the same waitress.  When we told our waitress what we wanted to do, she broke in a huge smile and said that she was happy to accomodate.

I just happened to have a smile card on me--we had our waitress tag her.  It was the best feeling and a new experience for my husband who is now addicted to the feeling.  Hopefully, this made her day a little better! :)

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Window Seat

I was on the second leg of my trip from Oakland to New Mexico--Phoenix to Albuquerque.  Phoenix was excrutiatingly hot--110 degrees!  I had a window seat and there was another fairly petite girl sitting in the aisle seat. 

At the last minute, a very tall man came to our row--he was the intended middle inhabitant of our little row.  He looked flustered and none to thrilled to be in the middle seat--who is really, right?  I immediately thought that this was a person to tag--however he was on the phone so I had to wait to tag him.  As soon as he got off, i asked if he wanted the window seat.  He said "For real?"  I said absolutely.  He had a smile on his face the rest of the flight, as did I.

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The Baggage Carousel at Oakland

After being delayed for several hours and then sitting on a long flight from atlanta to oakland, i waited at the baggage carousel utterly exhausted.  I though about what it was that would make me feel good and realized it was something as simple as someone helping me retrieve my heavy luggage from the baggage carousel.  I looked around the other haggard looking passengers and decided that would also help them feel better--so i proceeded to help as many individuals as possible with their luggage.  it was a great feeling and put my tired spirits at bay!

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Supporting a Collegue-#2

In my last story, I spoke about a colleague who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I decided to continue focusing on her -- she is an amazing yoga teacher and while I was at the Elephant Pharmacy I saw a yoga shirt which states "all life is an endless journey for all the right angles."  I gave it to her this week and she loved it!

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