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Grocery Store

I was at a grocery store today. Rob, a second grade student and his mom were in line ahead of me to pay. 

Rob had a 20 oz Coke bottle in his hand.  As soon as his mom paid, Rob opened up the bottle and started guzzling Coke.  

Apparently he dropped the bottle on the floor and made a mess.   His mom slapped him and the store keeper was pissed as he had to clean it up. 

As Rob was crying, I decided to buy him another Coke. 

I gave the coke and a smile card to his mother.  I also offered the store keeper, if I could help him clean up.  He just smiled and took care of it.  

Rob stopped crying and actually sang a song for me before leaving cheerfully.

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My grandmother who used to be a social butterfly has gone back in her cacooon.  I think it is due to the fact that a lot of her friends have died over the last 4 years.  Her only existing friend also died 2 months ago.

She was extremely funny, charming and talkative.   Now she has grown quite and barely says anthing.  It's hard to keep a conversation going with her for more than 5 minutes as she mainly responds with "yes" or "no"

I called her this morning and mentioned about random acts of kindness at Yale.  She actually gave me a lot of ideas and talked to me for over 15 minutes.  It made my day and to some extent I am sure it made hers. 

She even cracked a joke - "So should I be watching out for a care-package from you?"  :-)

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Birthday celebrations

I had my 25th birthday last week.  I am tired of drunken debaucheries :) so  8 of us got together and decided to do something nice for the people who pick up the phone when we call the college shuttle.   It is because of them that we are able to go from one place to another in this freezing cold.

We made posters saying - "Thank you for all you do", "Your help is appreciated!" and others.   We bought coffee, cakes, cookies, and chocolates and decided to take it to the shutte headquarters.  

It was a blast -- haven't seen sooo many unexpected smiles in a looooonggggg time! 

It was indeed the best birthday ever :-)

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Soup for the Soul

Today I remembered to mail some money to a soup kitchen in NY that always struggles this time of year feeding the homeless.  I'm strapped for cash this year (like all of us) but on our first real day of cold, I was reminded just how awful it must be to be cold and on the street.

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Opening Doors

Today at Union Station, two female paramedics were carrying a heavy stretcher.   I simply opened the door for them so that they could go in and out at will.  

I held the door  in the cold for about 10 mins as they rushed between their ambulance and the track where the patient was!  Not sure if this is a random act of kindness, but felt good :-)

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Wishes for Loved Ones!

Its easy to forget those old faces from work or friends from home. Today was a day that I sent out emails, belated birthday wishes, and hellos to old friends and coworkers from back home!

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Home-baked goodness

Somebody baked cookies and put some in my mailbox.  That was so nice.  When I found them, it made my day. 

There were no cookies in my neighbor's mailox, and he was having a rough day so I gave him some of mine.  Those cookies made both of our days!

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