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Smile Adventures

Ok, I'm getting started!
1. I crocheted a bag and added 44 (an angel number) smilestones to it for a friend's bday, so that she can commit acts of kindness herself; she will LOVE it. :)

2. I put together envelopes decorated with a simple smiley, containing the poem and a smilestone, and a pal and I crept around the grocery store parking lot placing them on windshields, after which we'd scurry back to the car and watch them be retrieved by the car owners. TOO much geeky fun, I tell you.

3.  Last night I handmade a bunch of colorful smile cards.  The same pal and I laminated them, and took them with us on our mission.  On the way back from the grocery store we hit Mickey D's for sundaes.  We asked to pay for the car behind us (the drive through worker was quite confused, but amenable) and gave him a card to give to the car behind us as well.  Through the windshield we saw the occupants smiling, reading the card the window guy handed them, and really getting a kick out of the experience.  We managed to get our ice cream and take off before they could see us up close.  Woohoo!

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The Healing Effects of Crocheting

I gave envelopes with smile stones twice this week; For the first, I asked a cashier to pass it to the person after me in line after I left. I gave the second one at the drive-thru window for the guy working there who seemed stressed.

This morning I finished a 'Healing Shawl' that I made for a friend who lost her mom among other tough luck this fall.  That won't be anonymous but it's still a beautiful thing.  I learned to crochet by making this shawl.  It's enormous, LOL  Each stitch has love and prayers for healing sewn in, it just has a lovely energy.  And I learned so much (not just crochet) and received so much by making it.  I recommend it to every one.

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Smile Jar

I was volunteering at a pie fair in early fall this year and when I visited a white elephant tent called "Grandma's Attic" I found a jar of smiles for 25 cents. They were slips of paper with random encouraging sayings printed on them.  How perfect!?  So I grabbed it, a whole jar of smiles for a quarter, and planted it next to me on the pie slice table.  As people purchased their pie slices, they were encouraged to also take a smile, to go. 
Once you add smiles and kindness to your personal routine, the universe finds ways to support you!

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