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Creating My Own Challenge

I did my own 21-day challenge with a group of twelve friends. Every day, I created and emailed them a challenge for the day and encouraged them to share what they did with our group.

It was so fun hearing the different ways people completed their challenges. We agreed that being kind was something we all did every day, but mindfully fulfilling a challenge made it all the more special. One member is going to repeat all 21 challenges.

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Being Neighborly

I have a neighbor two doors down whose family is not a favorite on the block. They constantly bring their squabbles out to the front yard for everyone to hear and view, their teenager plays loud music and asks neighbors for money and cigarettes, and their friends drive loud cars and speed down the street.

My neighbor across the street has tried to talk to them about the issues, but hasn't been successful. He is probably the only person on the block who has contact with this family. Yesterday, we were talking, and he said the family was without phone service because their only phone broke and they couldn't afford a new one.

I remembered I had an older plug-in phone in my garage, so I dug it out, cleaned it up and gave it to him to pass on to my neighbor. He thanked me, and I thanked him for being a good neighbor

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