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Branches of Kindness

I just got through meeting a lady after selling an item off Craig's list. Her cash still in hand I was at the stop light on my way out of the parking lot. A homeless man was on the corner. I rolled my window down and gave him the money. As I looked in my rear view mirror the car behind me was rolling down their window. The man held some change out for the guy as well.I can only hope that I was the start of a branch of kindness before the line at the light..

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Right place, right time!

I recently had a new colleague start at work. She moved to town from Colorado and had just been here for a month. She shared this story that must be shared. Her family was in the process of moving into their new home. During this time a lot of activity was taking place on their bank account. This sent a red flag to their bank. The bank tried to call them but they were in the process of switching phones so the bank put a stop on their account. My friend, not aware of this, went grocery shopping. After going to the register they were shocked to see their method of payment was stopped. No cash, no way to get cash, they were not sure what to do.. Without blinking an eye or asking any questions, the lady in front of them placed her card in the machine and paid for their ... Read Full Story >>

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