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Ancient Man

My friend Harriet saw an old man about to go down on the sidewalk. He walks with two canes, and is 93 years old. His wife was going to get the car while he was standing there waiting for her. We found him a chair, had him sit and we waited with him until his wife pulled up. It was cold out and he didn't have a jacket. I draped mine over his shoulders. He was grateful for all of us and we were grateful we got there before he fell and could give him some comfort.

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Scones For New Neighbors

A new family moved in down the street, so my girls made scones to bring to welcome them. It turns out that they have 5 children under the age of 9, and the baby is only a few weeks old. Glad we brought her something that may have eased her burden!

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Smile - Reading Is Fun!

I used my second smile card the other day. My daughter and I chose a chapter book in the children's section of our local library and put a dollar and the smile card inside for some lucky early reader to find!

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May Light And Love Prevail

I am so sad about what happened at Emmanuel AME Church that I am pledging to do one special act of kindness every day for nine days straight, each in honor of one of the victims. May light and love prevail.

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Taco Tuesday

Today is Taco Tuesday and I had just ordered my daughter and myself tacos when a little boy dropped his drink and it spilled all over the floor. He started to cry and I could see his mom had her hands full carrying food and drink, so I told the boy it would be OK and the woman behind the counter gave me a new cup to fill up. He stopped crying.

His mom did not speak English so we just smiled mom smiles and
nodded mom nods at each other.

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Her Spine Might Be Crushed But Not Her Spirit.

I have an acquaintance that was in a horse accident. Her back and her leg are broken and she is in a wheelchair, which makes caring for her family of 5 hard. A mutual friend organized a meal train and I brought her some salad, bread and some of my Dad's amazing baked chicken. She LOVED it! We may not be able to heal all of her wounds, but we can do small acts of kindness to ease her pain.

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