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Kids showing kindness to animals

A recent bunny article reminded me of more children's kindness. People in the house behind us moved out and left bunnies behind. The children in the neighboring houses were coming into the garden and feeding them (they spent their pocket money on the food). They asked for my help cleaning them out and I passed newspaper and hay over the fence to them. By the time I'd walked round, they'd cleaned the bunnies out themselves. They called the RSPCA (animal welfare) who came and took them to rehouse. I was so impressed by those children! 

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Learning To Say 'Yes" To This Act Kindness

I'm always pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to help when you ask. I've been stubborn enough to refuse help, & regretted it soon after. I've discovered at work that the sooner I ask for help, the easier a situation gets rectified.

These days I graciously accept help, sometimes it's not even for my benefit but for the other persons. The lad next door loves helping me do the weeding, accepting his help is really an act of kindness I perform.

My act of kindness today is to encourage you all to accept help, & to ask for it when you need it. How many times does something happen & everyone around says, "if only I'd / we'd known?" How many times have you said that yourself afterward when you could easily have helped someone?  Allow people to perform the kindness of helping you, perform the kindness of letting them.

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Parcel Kindness

One of my online friends waited in all day for her OU (open university) parcels. It's hard to learn so far from home, and getting the box of books and resources is so exciting. :-) The tracking website said it had been delivered to a neighbor, but there wasn't a surname or house number. She had a bad leg so she couldn't go out.

Later that evening a man dropped her parcel off to her. It had been delivered to a completely different area of town but a similar road name. He was confused by the parcel slip but when he collected the parcels from his neighbor & saw it was OU he drove it straight to her. It turns out he had been an OU student too, so he knew how desperate she'd be to get them and they had a pleasant chat.

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Common' Give Me A Smile!

Today a colleague admitted he has an operation coming up and is feeling apprehensive. I didn't have much in my treats drawer at work (I'd just given all the smiley stickers to our cleaner) but I wrapped up a few things I thought would make him smile. I got a nice laugh from him :-)

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Fresh Fruits and Flowers

I took flowers to a family friend, and some for her daughter. I didn't think the husband would appreciate flowers so I took him fruit. :) They're the kind of people who always make sure they give to charity because they know what it's like to barely have enough. They don't usually buy fruit because the wife and daughter don't like it. This was an easy gift for me to give him. I was alone with him for a minute so I asked what his favorite fruit is. He said he likes them all, and he's happy just to have fruit. I think he especially likes it because he knows it's the one thing that's just his. They are such wonderful generous people. It's an honor to be able to gift them something they will accept.

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Gaming Day

Kind acts come in every shape, way, and form. My husband had the day off yesterday and decided to play computer games. I was thinking of the list of jobs I could leave him with, but then remembered that he rarely asks me to do anything, so I left him his day to enjoy.

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Supermarket Kindness

As we were putting our shopping onto the conveyor, another customer appeared behind us, and since he only had 2 items I left him go in front. The guy who'd been in front of us let him move straight to the front of the queue. :-) Simple acts!

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Paying Forward The Kindness That Was Before To Us

Our Team Leader always complains about the cold, especially how cold her office is first thin in the morning. I get in first so I turned her heater on before she arrived.

She was so happy. One of the lads used to turn the portable heaters on first thing (when the heating was broken). It made such a difference, I'm just paying that forward.

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Kindness Is Always There

I have been struggling to think of kindnesses from today. I came up with nominating a few people for recognition awards at work (how could I have forgotten that?!), letting people pull out / turn in front of me when driving (that's so natural I don't think anything of it), offering the speaker at our training session a drink, a couple of good news to the boss (he laughed), getting a document pushed through quickly for a colleague & thanking everyone involved.

I think because I'm frustrated with someone & there's mutiny in the air at work I am finding it hard to recognize the kindness. And the bloke in the chippie was telling me what a lovely lad husband is, and what a great couple we are. I just need to be more aware of the kindness and less aware of the complaints.

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