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The Disbelieving Recipient

Today I popped into an thrift store for a quick look.

There was a little girl (about 6 years old) in there holding a large colorful toy. She asked her dad to buy it for her. It was only $5.00 but he told her no because he couldn't afford it. She looked so disappointed but accepted his decision graciously.

When her father went to the other end of the shop to look at something, I asked if he would have any objection to me buying the toy and giving it to his child.

He looked stunned for a minute or two but eventually gave me his blessing to do so.

I bought the toy for just $4.00 and gave it to the disbelieving recipient. I left before I could see the delighted expressions on their faces but walked out of the shop to a chorus of heart felt thanks from the Dad, the Mum, the child and even the shop keeper!

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6 Heavy Shopping Bags

Tonight was cold and the darkness had closed in early. A man was carrying 6 heavy shopping bags as he walked along a poorly lit street. At times I've had to do the same thing and wished for help, so I pulled up next to him and offered him a ride home. He was so surprised and gratefully accepted my offer.

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