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Memorable Kindness

Today is the seventh anniversary of my Dad's death. While missing him, I am reminded of the incredible acts of kindness given to me that day. 

A friend I met while waiting for my emergency cab ride home from work who prayed with me on the street. The cabby who offered to take me all the way to the hospital, rather than the parking lot where my car was, and then tried to refuse my tip.

The close family friend and minister who, while going through a loss in his own family, joined us at the hospital to give my Dad a last blessing and to share stories with us over Dad's bed. And many more.

Feeling blessed, even this many years later, for all the support that was placed in my path during that difficult time. And so very thankful.

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Speaking up was the right thing to do

I was at Costco with my Mom yesterday. When we were leaving to go to our car, there was a traffic jam of cars jockeying for position. One car waited so long and so patiently. Then when he got into position for the handicapped spot he was waiting for, someone swooped in and took it.

Their windows were down so I politely told them what they had done. They agreed to leave and the man that had waited so patiently thanked me for doing what I did. I am so glad I spoke up.

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Irs And A Simple Thank You.

I had some fun today. I needed to talk to the IRS. Nothing major, just needed some information on status of something. Ms. Evans was professional and every time she had to put me on hold, came back apologizing and thanking me for my patience. She didn't need to, she was doing what she needed to do to help me.

When we were done, I again thanked her for her help (she gave me happy news and she fixed something) and I told her that I knew the IRS was understaffed and did not have the resources to do everything they need to do. But I appreciated her help greatly and I thanked her for her professionalism and her service to the public and to the country.

I could tell by her response that she was actually beaming! I am also sure she doesn't have that conversation frequently. It only took a minute. I am sure she felt valued and I felt great having paid a well deserved compliment.

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It's Only Food

My husband recently had surgery. Over the years I have cooked meals for people in similar circumstances and not thought a thing of it. Our neighbors came by after he had been home a day, bearing a couple of platters of food. I was overwhelmed. I hugged my neighbor and thanked her. She said "It's only food!" But in that moment, it was not only food. She fed us for 3 meals and a snack, but more importantly fed our souls. Never doubt the impact of a kind act, no matter how small. It always makes a difference.

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Show Appreciation For The Small Things.

Today I brought edible treats and my boss/coworker brought starbucks gift cards so we could celebrate a significant, albeit small, work milestone of our other two coworkers. They were surprised and delighted! It doesn't take but a few kind words and any small kind act to show appreciation and the results are endless.

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Bus Driver Appreciation

Today was bus driver appreciation day in my town. On the way home we had our regular driver and two drivers heading home. I stood up , announced the day, and asked everyone to join me in thanking these drivers for their service. They got a big round of applause!

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A Gift to Change a Life

I was recently given a gift that was amazing. It was a gift card to "KIVA", which is an organization that allows me to choose someone to lend the money to. The money will be paid back and then I can lend it again. The loans go to people in over 80 countries so they can start a business, go to school and improve life for their families. 
The person who gave me the gift card is incredibly thoughtful and I love that I don't have to find a place to put the gift or to dust it! The hardest part was selecting a recipient, because there are so many worthy people trying to do their best. LOVED and loved giving it away even more!

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Playing Santa Is Our Gift to Each Other

I spent the afternoon with Mom wrapping presents for Christmas families. It took about 3 hours. The family room and dining room look like Santa's sleigh overturned here!

We have over done it...again. but it gives us so much joy! In one family, Mom is a domestic violence victim, so we have to meet her in a parking lot to deliver the gifts. Her current location is secure and secret. We brought presents, gift cards for dinner purchase and more. We hope it will take the burden off for a couple of days. We are so grateful they have let us into their lives to be able to share Christmas.

As I tell them, this is a very selfish act on our parts. We get so much out of doing this. It is what we give each other in my family for Christmas. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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Helping A Coworker In Need

A small, all volunteer, non-profit that I am President of, sent off two gift certificates to a company employee's family. The employee is receiving in-patient treatment for 30 days and is unable to work. They had paid all usual expenses in advance, but they still need to put food on the table. I am so proud of all our co-workers who contribute to help other workers in crisis. Starting this charity took several long years, but it is paying off exponentially now. Without a doubt, this is the most important thing I have ever done in my life. 

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Stay Warm

A mother of a friend recently fell and cracked bones in her neck.
While in hospital she received a pacemaker, I made her a fleece shawl to keep her shoulders warm while recovering.

She received it yesterday and called with almost overwhelming gratitude.
I'm glad such a small effort on my part made her day happier.

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Contact To Friend

Met with our "Christmas elf" today, the person who finds us the family we help at Christmas. Surprised her with a batch of cookies that I found out she likes. She was giddy! Found out the family we helped was speechless with what we had done. We don't view it as special, but were delighted to know that we made a difference, if just for a day. Anyway, planning dinner with elf and hubby soon. Love making contacts and turning them into friends.

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Love and Cookies

I had the sweetest phone call from my brother this week. I had sent him homemade cookies for his birthday. His call, a few days later, he told me he had had a bad day. He had intended to put the cookies in the freezer and take them out one or two at a time. But on this bad day he ate most of them.

He had a favor to ask. Would I bake him some more cookies? My heart melted, and of course! I am baking cookies, and adding a bonus batch! His favorites: Oatmeal chocolate chip, Cowboy cookies- made with Wheaties cereal and coconut, and bonus batch of Molasses cookies. I love my brother!

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Todays Small Good Deed

I stopped in the parking lot of Costco to jot a note. As I was leaving, I noticed a cart next to me with no one near it. In the cart was a small bag from the pharmacy with the receipt stapled to it. I took it from the cart and back to an employee of the store. I hope it gets back to its owner. I would be distressed if I got home without my Rx.

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Generous With Paint

A friend of mine was very kind and generous to our family yesterday. We had a new shed built, and I had posted pictures of it on social media.
This friend of ours, who owns a paint company, reached out and offered us paint, with some of the colors he had extra of. Being frugal, and not foolish enough to turn down a friend's generosity, we gratefully accepted.
The colors were just what we were thinking. We came home with over $250 worth of paint and all we now need to buy is a primer. So grateful!

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