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When The Student Is The Teacher

I teach at a middle school where we really focus on kindness and service being our over-riding culture. We have a Wheel of Kindness we spin each week to challenge the kids to commit kind acts, and we hold assemblies that recognize our students who are committing acts of service locally and globally. Well this week I was reminded again how special middle school kids are. I follow many of my students on Instagram so I can keep up on their lives away from school as well as look for any cyber bullying. On Monday evening, I received a direct message from a boy who had someone write a very mean message in his locker. He took a picture of it and sent it to me asking for help. I assured him that this is not what we are all about at our school and asked him to meet me at ... Read Full Story >>

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I am enough, and so are you

I often show my middle school students inspiring videos to start their day. I never know which ones will make a huge impact, but I know they always reach the kids on some level. I recently showed my kids THIS video, where the resounding message was "I am enough."  When the video was over, I went around our circle and had each child say out loud, "I am enough." It was amazing to see their backs straighten and their faces brighten as they affirmed this for themselves. Well, I posted about this on my Facebook page and how blessed I felt to get to work with such open-hearted, amazing kids. A friend of mine saw the post, watched the video, and felt moved. So moved, in fact, that a few days after I had posted I went to my mailbox and discovered a beautiful ring stamped with "I am enough." I instantly ... Read Full Story >>

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When The Student Is The Teacher