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Turning it Around With an Act Of Kindness

I was at work in the same aisle as a lady and her daughter when I overheard the mother yelling at her daughter. She said: "Great! No onion soup to use for my beef. Now I'm going to have to re-plan my entire meal for the day. I told you we should've went to Monroeville grocery store instead! They never have what I want here. The woman's daughter seemed upset and replied back: "Mom you don't need to be mad at me. "

I went into the back found 2 cans of onion soup and searched the whole store to find the lady and her daughter again. I asked: "Mam will this work?" The woman looked at me puzzled. (Like how did  you know?) I shared with her that I had overheard what they had talked about  A big smile came across her face and she said 'thank you'. Not only that, but her daughter  also had a relieved smile. I hope I turned her day around. :)

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My dad and I were grateful for unexpected gifts

I have to tell this story. It's actually about how this guy blessed our family last year, but I'll always remember. My dad had to get a whole new transmission on his truck and he was just venting to this guy we know at church. "How much is it for?", he asked. My dad told him. Two days later we received a check for the total amount he needed for a transmission, which was over $1000! I couldn't believe it. Me and my dad were so grateful. We gave him a thank you card with a gift card saying we can never repay your kindness, you made our Xmas, thank you from the bottom of my heart. But that's not all. We were blessed twice this last year. One day I opened the mail and received a $100 check from a lady, who goes to our church saying she was blessed now she's ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Is Like A Boomerang

Kindness is like a boomerang. I found this mysterious note in an envelope marked: "To You". I opened the card up and I knew by the writing it had to be a little kid who left it in my mailbox this morning.
I was passing out little rainbow cards that said "I thought of you today" to patients I visited at the independent living place a year ago and it was like kindness was coming back to me. This note made a great start to my morning.

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Salvation army guy

I was on my way walking to work and it was a very cold winter afternoon. I kept thinking about the guy from salvation army giving his time to receive money for charity.

On my break I went out and gave him a hot chocolate and thanked him for his services. He was very grateful for the hot cocoa to keep warm and was able to make it through the rest of his shift.

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You Deserve A Treat!

At work today I had a very busy day. My pallet order came in and I have to scan, and stock it. I was feeling overwhelmed. A lady came over and said, "Am I close to the northern beans?" I stopped what I was doing and told her, "Yes, it's in aisle 5. You're 3 aisles away from it." She said, "Thanks! Well, you deserve a treat. Merry Christmas!" That little candy cane she gave me just did so much. It got me thru the rest of my day.

Later another customer said to me, "Wow you keep the store nice and neat." Those words helped me feel appreciated. Knowing that I made a difference to those 2 customers today was great.

That gave me a great idea. Around holiday time workers in retail have so much to do and often feel stressed out. I'm going to get a box of those little candy canes and hand them out to workers and maybe some strangers to see what opportunity opens up. 

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Above and Beyond

Today was an interesting day. My son and I walked home a lost beagle dog to the owners. The had their phone number was on the tag,  but it wasn't a working number. It had an address close to us, so we took it home.

Turns out it was an elderly couple, the guy fell and the dogs got out of the gate. They were so grateful to get the beagle mix back, but they had also lost their Shitzu. I told them we'll be on the look out for him.

A couple of hours went past, then my friend next door texted me about a white dog that had came over. It was a Shitzu! I told her that we knew where he lives, so we  took another long walk to get little boy home to the owners.. 

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There's No Charge- Today ...

There's no charge- today I decided I was gonna have a me day so I went to the mall. I went to Chick Fil A for lunch and went up to a young guy cashier named Cramer to pay for my meal. He told me the total , and as I was handing him $10, he said "That's ok,there's no charge!"

I was confused for a second then figured it out -wow he's paying it forward! I've done raok acts for people + now it's happening to me! I needed that - I haven't been feeling great and  it was a nice surprise. After I collected my thoughts I told Cramer "thank you sooo much."

I was able to pay it forward a little bit at my next stop, when I was using me retailmenot app. A woman behind me asked about it and while I saw she was waiting for it to upload, I went to the cashier next to her and used mine - she got 50% off too.

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Peppermint Stress Release

My family went out to eat to celebrate my brother's new job. I noticed our server was very overwhelmed. She kept forgetting to bring things to the tables she was serving. We reassured her it was OK when she forgot to bring my son’s cheese sticks and my brother's applesauce.  She told us they were training two new cooks and it was kind of intense in the kitchen. She was trying to help out everywhere.

To signal our acceptance, I left a larger tip than usual along with a wrapped peppermint. What really touched my heart was when my son added his own money to put towards the tip.

 Our server, Carrie, heard me say, “Keep the change.”  Then she saw the mint and immediately I saw a change in her demeanor. “Aww, thank you. That was very nice of you,” she said.  She slowed down to breathe, and it seemed like she released some stress.


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Thank You For Your ...

Thank you for your service
I was on vacation in Florida with my uncle we went into the liquor part of the store at Wal-Mart my uncle gets rum to add to his tea occasionally he found a bottle on clearance for $7 when we went up to the front to have the cashier ring it up a guy had his 4 bottles of drinks ringing up with my uncle's no that's not ours my uncle told her I just have the rum the cashier said he's buying it for you. I asked him what's your name cliff well thank you so much cliff I'm Lisa that's so nice of you my uncle said if I would've known that I would've picked out the expensive stuff lol. Oh man do you want to get another kind go ahead sir no that's ok. Thank you this is very nice of you. Well thank you for keeping the bad guys away thank u for your service sir. He saw my uncle's vet hat he was wearing. Cliff made my uncle's morning . He never had someone pay it forward to him .I was so glad I got to witness that .😉

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