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A Smile Card In The Laundry Room

I live in an apartment and decided my first use of the smile cards would be to leave one on one of the washers with enough coins to pay for both the washing and drying. A small thing, but it felt good.

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The Perfect Circle of Give and Receive

I learned a valuable lesson a couple years ago. I met Denise, who was totally paralyzed. She could not speak, and the only movement she could make was to nod or move her head from left to right very slightly. She had very advanced progressive MS. I visited her often and soon learned that in my time with her, I wanted to help her connect with the outer world as much as possible. It would seem that she was the receiver of what I had to give.

 Maybe so, yet it came to me that she, too, would want to escape her immobilized world as much as possible and give also. Then it further dawned on me that she was already giving by receiving what I had to give.  By her receiving, she was giving me the gift of providing me the opportunity to give. I told her that receivers are as necessary and worthy as the givers. If there were no receivers, there could be no givers. Her role in the chain of giving and receiving was vitally important. She couldn’t move, but her eyes could shine. She gave me a great gift when they shined back at me at that time.

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