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Quick Thinking Santa in a Hardware Store

I would like to share a heartwarming story with you. My friend has white hair with a white beard to match. He was at the hardware store the other day and a little girl came down the aisle with her parents and said to him,  "Hey Santa, why are you here and why are you not in your red suit?

My friend, thinking quickly, replied, "Well, I lost a lot of weight and Mrs. Claus is making my new suit and I am here because I need tools to fix my sleigh. What would you like for Christmas?" I thought it was fantastic that he was able to be so spontaneous at spreading a little bit of joy.

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Kindness On The Bus

The other day I helped a girl on the bus. She had put her lunch bag on the floor of the bus, but when she picked it up to get off the paper bag had disintegrated due to snow and wetness and her lunch poured out onto the floor. She was so frustrated, and as her apple rolled over to me I picked it up and I gave her an extra plastic bag which I had with me and we picked up the rest of her lunch together.

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Kindness Of Strangers

I have been busy the last couple of weeks helping a friend collect household items and clothes for a new immigrant family that she is sponsoring.

I informed my work colleagues and neighbors and was pleasantly surprised to see some of them respond and bring me items for the family. It warmed my heart to see strangers taking the time to help a family that they would never meet.

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The Purr-fect Day for Some Kitties

My husband and I found several packages of cat food that a shopper forgot in a shopping cart at the store. We could not find the person who purchased them so we took a drive today about one hour out of town to a lovely person who operates a cat shelter. She has 17 cats in her home right now and she was very happy to receive these tins of food. Some of her charges include 5 adorable kittens born only 11 days sweet and small.

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Donations All Around

I've been thinking a lot about the less fortunate this winter, especially since it got really cold suddenly. My husband, my mother, and I donated 5 winter coats to the local charity that my daughter's Pathfinder unit was working with last week. I figured that if we had not had that coat on our back in a year, then someone else should have it.

I also donated my grocery store "points" to the lady ahead of me in the line this week. I don't need them and someone else might.

I bought extra food at the grocery store today to give to the food bank. I remembered the furry friends and included cat food and dog food in the donation.

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Paying it Forward in The Work Environment

I left a job about a month ago to start a new job elsewhere. When I left the old job, my colleagues there were so nice; they made a collection for me, and gave me money in a beautiful hand made 'best wishes' card. It was so nice of them to do that. The messages in the card were lovely; I had no idea I had touched so many people in my five years working there. 
When I arrived at my new job, a young woman was kind enough to help me out learning the ropes. She then announced last week that she was going to leave to go home to her country. Yesterday I gave her a small gift that would remind her of her time spent in this country working. She was so happy. 

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Making New Friends Takes Nerve

I finally got up the nerve to perform my first RAOK. I have seen a man asking for handouts at my local gas station. We had a recent heat wave and I saw him there so I asked him if he was hungry and when he said yes I bought him a sandwich and water and gave him some extra money. When I wished him a good night and turned to walk away he asked me my name. So I told him my name and I asked what his name was and then I shook his hand and said I was glad to meet him. Next time I see him it will be like meeting a friend on the street and not a stranger. ... Read Full Story >>

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Volunteering During A Flood

Our town is currently in a flood emergency. Our home is on higher ground and I am grateful tor that. My husband and I went to help fill sand bags the other day that would be distributed around homes in danger of flooding.

There were people doing doing all sorts of different tasks, some were making food for the volunteers, some filled the sand bags, some had to tie the bags closed, others lifted them onto trucks. It was nice to see strangers working together to help the community in a time of crisis.

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