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Kid Meals for my sisters

Today, I made "kid's meals" for my two sisters!! :) They loved them!! I got the inspiration from my smile deck. The card that says "Make a lunch for someone and slip a note in" So that's what I did!! :)

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A Ten Dollar Gift Worth a Lot More

I had a Wal-Mart gift card to use so I went to buy some things to make little gifts for random kids walking through the mall.  I got my stuff and made my way to the check out line.

The cashier scans my stuff and I give him my card. The machine rejected it, but  he tried many ways. It would not work. Then I noticed the lady behind me waiting. She was just standing there watching me.  

I turned around looked at her and said "sorry", she then took a ten dollar bill out and handed it to the cashier. I' was stunned. All I could muster up was a thank you over and over again. She says "whatever you got, enjoy it!" I will never forget her kindness. I will certainly be passing the love on!!! :)  


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