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Wrapping And Sending Imaginary Gifts

I used to complain about the shortcomings of other people, particularly when it comes to work. This morning I thought and decided to have a kind way to deal with this. Whatever shortcoming I perceive from someone, in my mind I send him or her a gift to fill it.

For example, when I perceived that someone lacks initiative, I imagined myself wrapping and sending a gift of initiative to that person. When I noticed that someone was sad, I imagined sending her a gift of happiness. This way I was able to avoid being judgmental. And most importantly, I noticed myself becoming more compassionate.

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Strawberry Muffin Kindness

I dropped by 7-eleven on my way home to get myself something for dinner. Just outside the door of the store was a young boy in shabby clothing. When I arrived I was surprised when he opened the door for me. So as a token of appreciation I gave him one of the two muffins (strawberry and chocolate flavored) I bought. Yes strawberry muffin is my favorite but I love it even more when I am able to give away something that I love.

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A Lesson in What Wasn't Said

Reflecting on the day that was, I realized that I might have been more compassionate to someone who treated me 'quite unkindly' if I have listened carefully to his body language. It was only this afternoon when I saw him not physically well that I understood that he was not his usual self that's why he acted unkindly earlier. My big lesson for the day is to listen to what others are not saying.

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Look Deeply To See Clearly

Today, I decided to see the good and speak only of good things about a person whom I found difficulty dealing with. And the miracle was, I indeed saw his good qualities. Lesson learned: challenge a wrong belief for it will be proven to be wrong. The sense of right and wrong is all in the mind. But the sense of goodness is deep down the bottom of our hearts.

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A Little Sweet Nothing

I was next in line to a lady paying her terminal fee at the port. The cashier seemed to be upset with the big bill the lady was paying because I learned it was already the second time she told the same lady that she has no change available for that bill. I would like to believe the cashier behaved that way because because she was alone in the paying booth and there were people lined up to pay. Or maybe she was just having a not so good day.

So after I paid my fee, I gave her the magic smiley chocolate bar. That simple act changed her mood immediately. I couldn't forget the smile painted on her face just because a stranger gave her a little sweet nothing 😍

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Goodbye Tension Hello Compassion!

Yesterday was my 10th year in the office!

As a token of thanks to my colleagues, I gave away (through a raffle draw) 10 gift certificates for an hour massage.

Each gift certificate went with a smile card.


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Her Act Of Kindness To Neighboring Town Hit By Typhoon Before Christmas

On Christmas, I shopped and prepared enough food and provision for the family and neighbors who would possibly seek refuge in our home due to typhoon Nock-Ten (local name Nina) that hit my parents' home province Albay (Bicol, Philippines).

Thankfully, our family and neighbors were spared by the wrath of the typhoon. But due to damages on electric lines and posts, we still do not have electricity until now. I am now using the internet connection in our branch office in Legazpi City to connect to all of you. After this post, I will be back online in January. So allow me to already greet everyone here a Blessed New Year ahead.

Please also help us pray for fast recovery of those people, families and communities badly hit by the typhoon. Thank you very much, my kind friends :-)

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A Beautiful Pack of Gratefulness

Last night on my way home, I dropped by a shop to buy some snacks for the office. I bought three packs of biscuits: one pack was particularly requested by our trainee, the other pack was something new for us to try and the third pack was my favorite. 

On my way out of the store, I met the garbage collector who seemed to be just waiting for the store to close in order to do his job. Something deep inside prodded me to give my favorite biscuit pack to the man. So without hesitation I gave him my favorite pack and I was rewarded with a thank you given with the most beautiful and sincerest smile I ever had that day!

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Friendship At Its Purest

I started solo in this far away island journey. And look what I've got. A beautiful friendship with this 5-year old. He has been my buddy for the past few days. So intelligent. So sweet.

I cannot ask for more! The universe kindness is beyond comprehension.

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You Keep Me Inspired to be Kind


Dropping by to say hello to all of you my KindSpring friends. For some time I was just peeping at your posts and stories to get myself some dose of kindness-vitamins.

Please know that you all inspire me to remember to leave a trail of kindness, a "kindprint "wherever I go... Thank you

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A Small Act for the Security Guards in Our Village

KindSpring has always been a home for a wandering me. An inspiration, a reminder to always be kind in the smallest of ways.

So here's a little act of caring for the security guards of our village. Masks to protect themselves from the harm of covid-19 and to let them know that loving kindness is more viral than the disease.

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Kindness Gives Joy

After almost two years of being away from my kindspring home, I decided to start a new kind of journey on June 1.

But kindness came one day earlier for me as one of our janitress at the office informed me that she will be transfered to another office starting tomorrow.

It felt good to give her some cash token and a note to tell her how grateful I am for her dedicated service to us.

Indeed, to give is to receive more in terms of joy and fulfillment. May this post be my personal reminder to be equally committed and faithful to living a life of kindness, one kind act at a time.

So help me God!

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Today, It's Chocolate Kindness

Today, it's chocolate kindness for former office colleagues who happened to be the organizers of the meeting I attended today.

What better sweet way to reconnect than to flavor it with chocolate 💖

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Wonders Of A Smile

I woke up a bit worried about the many deliverables in the office that needed to be done for the day. When I arrived at the office the guard flashed a beautiful good morning smile that instantly washed my worries away. His smile was contagious that I realized I arrived at my desk and gleefully greeted my officemates with same smile.

On my way home, I got the chance to give a slice of cake to a homeless child.

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