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Employee Coupons

In the store where I work there are many customers who have kids, but hardly any money.   This past weekend the employees were given coupons for 20 percent off any Christmas merchandise.  We could give them to whoever we wanted. 

I gave most of mine out and saved a few. 

While I was working I had a lot of fun giving the coupons to parents with kids who saw all the toys we had out but knew that they wouldn't get any of them.  The parents really had a ball buying toys for their kids that they wouldn't have been able to buy without these coupons. 

It was so nice to see their eyes light up as they began to understand what the coupons were, and how they could help (A lot of the parents either do not speak english, or very little of it). 

I am having fun now imagining the happiness of some of those kids as they get toys that they 'knew' they wouldn't get :-)

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Twenty Dollars in the Fridge

Years ago, when my husband and I were still starting out, we had a toddler and a newborn.  We had just moved to a different state where my husband was starting his job.  Until he got his first paycheck we had no money whatsoever.  Unfortunately for us there was a screw-up in the payroll division and the checks were delayed for over a month!  This on top of the one month waiting period for your first check.  Needless to say we ran out of money, then we ran out of food.  We were down to one bottle of chili powder and washing our laundry in our bathtub.  Then Easter came and a couple we had met came over.  We had a nice visit and then they left.  After they left I was doing something and noticed that our freezer door was ajar.  I went to close it and found a ... Read Full Story >>

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