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Vision Cards

I love making “vision cards” as I call them. My friend was in a dark place, addictions had taken over his life. I loved him from a distance, and sent him vision cards here and there. He is sober now and had kept a card I made 18 years ago! I was really moved. I never knew it meant anything, cause he never told me. Kindness may not be acknowledged in the moment, but it’s all about planting seeds, and one day many years later it shall bloom. Blessings.

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My Best Friend’s Mum ...

My best friend’s mum recently got home from the hospital, after a 4 month long stay having had Coronavirus. It was a very horrible experience, she lost 60 pounds and she is so grateful to still be alive.

I made her a little care package, complete with British treats and mask, coloring from my daughter and a thank God you are back home card.

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Kindness With Pizza And Courage Rock!

I found out that a young mother at my daughter's daycare has cancer, and is going through some intensive treatments. So, I decided to express some kindness to her. Since I am not a good cook, I picked up a frozen lasagna and garlic bread, wrote her a card and COURAGE rock and sent it to her.

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Heart Melting Moment

I signed up my four-year-old daughter for soccer. During the “game” part of the practice, all the girls as a pack followed the ball, but then my daughter spotted me on the sidelines. She stopped and frantically waved and shouted “That’s my mummy!"

None of the other kids heard it, as they were all on the soccer ball quest. It didn’t matter, as she melted my heart in that instance.

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Car Donation

My friend’s husband Steve recently passed away from cancer. He was a strong beautiful soul, whom I had the pleasure to know. The local palliative care facility helped my friend and her girls, making his final days full of love, care and support.

I decided to donate my old car to an organization that helps to resale or recycle the car, and any money raised goes to the organization of the donor's choice. I chose the palliative care facility that offered comfort and compassion to my friends, so that Steve's life and memory may be honored. May he Rest In Peace.

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A Little Bit of Pampering for Women

After reading it’s International Woman’s Day, I wanted to do something to note the occasion. I bought some mascaras to donate to a local woman’s shelter. My sister-in-law works there, and told me lots of women at the shelter wish they had the means to buy “non essential” things like make up. I hope this little gift lifts their spirits.


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God’s Grace In Midst Of Turmoil

My best friend had a bad car accident this past week. She has some major broken bones, but she is alive. The three other passengers (one being her 11 year old daughter) all managed to escape unharmed. Many friends are offering support, some are cooking for her (leaving food in her freezer for when she gets out of hospital), others have been looking after her daughter, or picking up supplies she needs. When I visited her, we locked eyes, we both cried as she told me these were the first tears she had shed. It was a great release for us both. Right before the accident, her daughter was filming in the car and ended the video with an image on the rear view mirror. There was a cross hanging from it. I do believe God’s grace was with them all. 🙏 ... Read Full Story >>

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Sympathy Card Of Love And Grace

Yesterday, I took my 4 year old daughter with me to a funeral for a close friend's husband who passed away. Before leaving for the funeral, I asked my daughter if she wanted to make a card to give my friend.

My daughter began to colour a scene, with trees, flowers, a few people, and lots of colours! When I asked her what she wanted to write in the card, she said “I love you. My heart is in your heart”.

My tears welled up in wonderment, she is only 4, but I am learning so much from her.My friends face when she was given the card, was a gift from God.❤️🙏

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Seeing A Friend After A Long Time

Today was special, my friend who suffers from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, actually showed up at my home today!

I haven’t seen her in person for over 5 years. I gave her a blue “rebel rebel” purse (she is a big David Bowie fan) and she was delighted. I am very proud of her as she journeys into this new stage of her life.

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Easter Surprise

 Last week I got to work earlier than all coworkers and left each of them a Lindt chocolate bar surprise on theirdesks. I left one on my desk too, so I could stay anonymous.

My boss may be onto me, as she asked if I knew about the Easter elf. I told her I know no Easter elf, only Easter bunnies! The same morning I left those chocolates, a freezing rain storm cutthe power off, for many still out.

Think my coworkers will appreciate the surprise even more, once they get back to the office.

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Daughter’s 6th Birthday Surprise!

Tomorrow is my daughter’s 6th birthday, and I am surprising her with this little mailbox, along with a card and some treats and her party of course.
It’s really cool, the storybook comes with the kit about a magical fairy and mailbox that parents are welcome to use. I am hoping to use this throughout the years to keep us writing ✍️ on pen and paper. Old school rocks!

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