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Leaving Some Hand Salve for the Mail Carrier

Last Christmas, I gave my mail carrier some hand-made salve to keep her hands from getting so chapped delivering mail. She recently left me a note in my mailbox saying she "would love to buy some more of that great hand salve you gave me for Christmas". I quickly made another batch and left a jar in my mailbox with a note to her and a Smile Card. I asked her to please allow me the thrill of gifting her some hand salve. And that whenever she needed more, just leave me an empty jar in my mailbox. And then, I asked her to please help me to keep the energy of giving circulating by taking whatever amount she would have paid for some more hand salve and do some random act of kindness for someone. She just left me another note in my mailbox saying how excited she is and how she ... Read Full Story >>

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Pay It Forward Yoga Class

I surprised the students in my yoga class today by gifting them the class. I handed each student a smile card and asked them to use the money they would have spent on this class to instead fund random acts of kindness during the coming week. I can't wait to hear about all the kindness that circulated during the week!

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Helping Animals for Christmas

When I can, I volunteer at my animal rescue shelter on holidays, like Christmas.

Usually, the managers work this shift alone so other workers can have the time with family and friends.

I go unannounced with treats for the animals and the staff. I make sure to let everyone working that day know how much I appreciate what they do for the lives of homeless animals. And I clean kennels, feed animals and try to give a loving touch and kind words to each animal before I leave.

I always leave with a heart so full and light; the best present I can give myself.

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