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After Only Knowing Him For a Few Days, I Knew I Had to Help Him

A new driver started work a couple of days ago. He is an older man who seems to have seen better days in his life. I looked at him and felt that he must have worked at high paying jobs before but that he fell on hard times. He asked me if I thought that the company would lend him money to pay his rent for the month as he is not able to do that. I told him that it could be worth it to ask my boss. I imagined that my boss would be accepting and say yes. Lo and behold he did not accept and I was surprised. So I evaluated the situation and felt that this person was a decent man and decided to lend him the money for the rent for the month. I told him not to tell anyone that I did it because I was ... Read Full Story >>

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Unexpected Turn in Supermarket Parking Lot

I encountered a very nice act of kindness from another person. I was pulling up to park my car at a supermarket, but I hadn't noticed that across from me there was a car that had been there before me and was ready to park.

I apologized to the man in the car because I didn't see him, but he insisted that I take the parkingParking space levy | Office of State Revenue spot. There was no other parking spot and he waited for one to become available and then he parked. I thanked him and apologized that I hadn't seen him and he was happy to have offered me the parking spot even though he had to wait.

He was very generous and kind. It was such a kind thing to do.

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Kindess Started By Someone Else

I want to share a kindness act that started with strangers.

My mom's car stopped suddenly on a busy road. She called me, but I was not able to reach her quickly.  When I arrived, she told me that the owner of the restaurant across from where the car stopped gathered his workers and helped to move the car next to the curb so it is safe.

It was a really nice gesture and it was very selfless of them to help. So after sorting things out with my mother's car, I decided to go back to the restaurant and buy dinner from there. But definitely their gesture was a great example of a random act that inspired me to pay it forward.

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Giving And Receiving

A few years ago while working as an engineer we had foreign experts come to  work on construction crews.. One of the workers was really nice and really reminded me of my grandpa. He told me that before he left, he wanted my watch.

I smiled thinking that he was kidding, but just before he left the country I gave him my watch. Another guy  I was  friendly with eyed my other watch before leaving and I was thinking to myself that I wouldl not give him the watch because I already gave my other watch.

But just as he was leaving, I took off my other watch and gave it to him. I was without a watch but when I got home I remembered that my dad had offered me a watch that I told him that I didn't need at the time, so I ended up asking him for it. I think as we give more we end up receiving even more.

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Returned To Pay Extra

We visited a tourist area and there were some locals who sold local products. We bought some things from a nice lady and it turned out that she really reduced the price for us. I tried buying something similar from another local and I realized how much the first lady reduced the price for us. She was also really pleasant.

I felt that it is important to go back and pay her more than we had paid her originally. When I gave her a the difference between what she had charged and a reasonable price, she was so confused. She looked at me in shock and was speechless. I told her that she gave us a really good price and I wanted her to take the extra money. I left her and she was still in shock looking at the money I handed her. I hope that it was a good feeling of shock not a bad one!

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Tickets For Cousin's Trip

My cousin travelled to Paris for a little vacation. I wanted to give him a small gift so he could have a good time there. I bought him a ticket to attend the Orchestre de Paris.

He's considered a young adult so I was able to buy him a ticket at a reduced price in a very good location. He was travelling with his friend so I bought his friend a ticket as well so they can enjoy the concert together.

He told me that the Philmarmonie de Paris is stunning and the concert was a highlight of their trip.

I really like this cousin, he's a terrific guy and since I am not able to attend such nice concerts because of travel I wanted him to enjoy it. It's like me being there.


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Got A Life-changing Reward For Kindnesses!

This is a story of kindness that my friend did and it returned to him in a way that changed his life. My friend used to teach at a university with a master's degree. In my country, for career advancement, it is better to have a PhD. My friend used to go to the professor in charge of scholarships and ask him for scholarships but the professor would tell him that they had none to give him. One day my friend was driving back from the university and on the side of the road he saw that the professor got into an accident with another car. My friend went down to see if he could help the professor. The professor was threatening the guy who he got into an accident with, that if the guy didn't compensate him for the accident then the professor was going to jail him. Not a nice ... Read Full Story >>

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Acknowledging Another's Kindness

I was driving to a meeting and there was a delivery truck in front of me. This delivery truck stopped in the middle of the street and allowed an elderly lady to cross the street. I am used to delivery trucks driving straight ahead and not stopping for anyone. So as I am encouraged by people here on KindSpring, I called the company where the driver works at (you know the sign on the truck that says "How do you find my driving?") and told them that he is a great driver because he let the elderly lady cross the street and gave them the number of the truck that is posted on it.

Maybe this number gets a lot of complaints but I wanted this driver to be recognized for his good manners and driving. The customer service lady was thankful that I called and let her know about the driver.

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Donated Clothes And Shoes In Gratitude

Some time ago I had an excellent meeting regarding my future and work. In gratitude to the Almighty, I filled a large bag of the clothes and shoes that I do not wear anymore and donated them to the local senior home.

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Kind Interaction With Security Guard

Went to a store and saw that the security guard looked kind. Usually I don't greet a person while I'm out and about but thought that he's kind and wanted to connect with him. I said hi to him and his face lit up. He said hi back and I felt good to have this interaction with him.

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So Blessed And Thrilled ...

So blessed and thrilled to have received this amazing dove and this divinely inspired handwritten letter from Mindy and MrM. The mail in my country is slow and I must admit I haven't visited the post office in a while (with everything in cyberspace we forget the good old snail mail).

Mindy, your beautiful message gives me strength and hope that we live in a good world. I am so grateful for our friendship and your support. You are an inspiration in a world that seems greedy and negative at times.

Thanks so much.

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