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Sharing More Than Coffee

I was at Starbucks and there was a homeless man who randomly approached me, asking me if I could buy him a coffee and a muffin. I thought about it and said to myself "why not" so I purchased him a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. I don't really do that to a stranger but it made me feel good. ... Read Full Story >>

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A Relaxing Reconnection

Last summer, a girl I knew from high school suffered from a form of epilepsy where she had seizures every 10 minutes or so. She was hospitalized and was bedridden for about a year and a half. As soon as I found out her condition, I bought a gift set of lotion, shower gel and body cream of a floral scent and mailed it to her.

It had been at least six years since we lost touch but I remembered her as a very nice person and I wanted to give her a touch of happiness in this difficult time for her.

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Not Just Another Number

I was at a wellness store named Sage with my aunt. As we were browsing for headache remedies, a sales associate greeted us and explained the products. As she was explaining, she was also talking about everyday life - just to make  friendly conversation and not just selling the products.

Though what struck me was that as we finished purchasing some items and thanked her for her help, she gave us each a hug and said that we are welcome to stop by and just talk to her. This shows how I was treated like a human being and not just another number that buys products and that's rare in retail. She made my day and warmed my heart.

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A Ticket Home

I was on the bus on my way home and I saw two 10-year old boys. One of them found out he had not enough money to go to their destination, so I gave them 2 of my tickets for them to catch another bus. It made me feel good because I know they wouldn't be stuck in a unfamiliar neighborhood.

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