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Safer For All Children

I had noticed that a park that I take my children to occasionally had been vandalised with broken glass in the area where parents sit.  I decided the next time I visited I would take a plastic bag and fill it up with all the broken glass and rubbish that I could.

It would be very easy to pretend that this is someone elses responsibility but I decided that I could not take the chance that one of my children or some one elses children may fall over and get cut glass in their hands.

Now the area is cleaner, not totally free of glass yet but each time we visit I will make sure I have a plastic bag to collect any rubbish to make it a safer and nicer place for all who visit. 

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Flowers For Friends

The other week I went to dinner with 3 of my close girlfriends.  I decided to surprise them with a flower and small gift which they were all shocked to receive. 

Enclosed with the gift was a Smile card and I told them to pass it on and do something nice for someone else.  I told them I just wanted to do something nice for them to let them know that I truly appreciate their friendship.

It made me feel great and it even sparked a couple of ideas at dinner conversation as to how they might pay it forward.

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On Saturday, I went to the grocery store with my mother-in-law while visiting her. 

We were being a bit silly at the checkout as I was insisting on paying for her groceries and kept taking her groceries and putting them with mine.  I don't think the check-out girl quite knew how to take us but just as we were leaving I pulled out a little bag of lollies I had wrapped and keep in my handbag and a smile card and left it with her.

Her look was priceless, mouth wide opened she was in shock and finally said  "Are these for me?"

I just smiled, said "Yes" and dragged my mother-in-law out the door, who was equally shocked.  It makes me smile now thinking about it - two for the price of one!!

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Who did it?

One Christmas I had a bit of fun in the work place.  I worked in a postal delivery/business center and one day before Christmas while all the posties were out delivering their mail I went around to each posties sorting frame and left some chocolates. 

It was so much fun to watch their reactions as they came back from delivering the mail, all wondering who had done this to them. 

I am not sure who felt more pleasure from this, the posties because someone recognised them or me for the simple joy of knowing I had made a bunch of people feel special.  Still brings a tear to my eye!

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Just a card

My son and I sat down the other day and wrote a card to send to his Nan and Pop.  We do generally see them every week but they were having a particularly bad week so I decided we would send them a special card.

The night they received it, we got a phone call to say what a lovely surprise and how it had brightened their day.  Nan had a good chat with my son, and my son loved talking about the card and picture he had drawn.

A simple gesture but it allowed my son and I to let two people we love know it!


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Simply Opening The Door

Just a little thing.

The other day when I was in the local bakery buying my 2 year old a treat, there was an older gentleman with a cane in front of us.  He bought a couple of bags worth and then had to manage with his cane so when he went to the door I rushed over to open the door for him. When I opened the door for him the biggest smile came on his face as I believe he had  totally not expected me to open the door for him and he gave me a big thank you.

Gosh it felt good to do such a little thing but to get such a wonderful response back.

I guess it is even the smallest of things that can make a difference in someone's day!

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