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Thank you for your kindness!

For the past 5 days, I was down with viral flu and I wasn't really feeling well. My father lost his job, I've had trouble in my work and a lot more trouble I can only imagine.I can't help but cry. What keeps my sanity for these agonizing days? You guys in here - people I really don't know personally but by your never ending stories of kindness. I know at one point I'll be able to stand up and gain whatever helplessness I am feeling in my heart now.

I really just want to thank you for letting me feel your kindness here in my heart.

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Small stuff can go a long way...

I just came back to the Philippines for the holidays...and saw my mom after 13 years.

I went out to see some college friends... do not really have much money since I'm working in the middle east but when I went to buy some shirts and met these two sales guys who were really so nice...I don't know why but after getting my stuff when I was bout to pay at the counter, I gave them a 100 peso bill and said "Merry Christmas." I went away without turning my back. What happened: these guys came back to me and gave me some free gifts!!!

It's not much money and not much free gifts.. but it really made me think that a small stuff can go a long way.


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