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Helping A Stranger Get Home

A few years ago, I was attending a friend's graduation at the University of Oaklahoma.  While she was giving me a tour of the campus, she stopped by the student travel office to pick up her tickets. 

While we were waiting, I listened in on a student from Australia trying to fix a problem with her itinerary.  The agent told her that it would cost an additional $300 over what she had already paid to get an itinerary that did not include a ten hour overnight layover in LA.  She didn't have the money and I heard her say she would just have to sleep in the airport. 

I walked up and told the clerk to give her the straight itinerary and I'd pay the difference.  The student started to decline, probably wondering why a 41 year old man she didn't know was making the offer.  The friend I was with stepped up and told her she should feel free to take it, that I did this sort of thing all the time and it was a genuine goodwill gesture. 

She thanked me and asked fo my email address.  I gave her my business card and I ended up getting thank you cards from her and her mother.

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Make a Special Night Even Better

One of my favorite anonymous acts is to pay for meals in a restaurant.  A few years ago I was at a Ruth's Chris restaurant with my project team for a team Christmas dinner.  Where I was sitting, my view of the other dinners was via a mirror in front of me.  It was a Wednesday night about 3 weeks before Christmas so there were only about 6 other table occupied. About 10 minutes before we left, a young couple came in dressed pretty formally.  I happened to look in the mirror just as the woman looked at the menu.  I saw her lean over to her date and whisper "It's so expensive!".  I usually pick a table that's already eating their dinners so I can get their check from the restaurant.  As we left I asked the host to get the manager.  I told him I wanted to pay for their ... Read Full Story >>

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Prom Night Pay It Forward

I stopped at IHOP for a very late dinner after work and 15-20 kids came in dressed for prom. They were getting a bite between the prom and the after party. I paid their bill and that of the adults driving/chaperoning them. IHOP was a totally last minute choice, but my server was the same one I had when I did this for another group last year. Since I'm not a regular at this restaurant (2-3 times a year), he thought I planned to be there on these nights.

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