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Small Acts Bring Big Rewards

This was such a small thing, but seeing how grateful they were was surprising! I recently started a new job as a server in a new restaurant. For a majority of the employees this was their first time working in a restaurant.

They did require that many "server items" (books, notepads, pens, aprons, etc.) to be provided by the employee. I realized that this was a burden to some of the employees that were not prepared to invest in these items for the job.

I already had these items from previous restaurant jobs and while usually the extras were back ups for me I gifted several items to those I felt needed it most. I was overwhelmed with their gratitude, especially for what I thought would be so insignificant.

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Mother and Son Adventure

I have to admit it is strange for me to share my stories of kindness. It is usually something I keep to myself. I was very stoked to see how many ideas are already things I do and do not think of as acts of kindness, but just patience and compassion. My amazing 17 year old son and I embarked on taking on a more planned acts of kindness and wanted them to be things we aren't already doing on a regular or semi- regular basis. The first was to buy groceries for a family that was struggling to get through the month. We were able to buy and deliver fresh foods for them to help them until they had more food benefits at the first of the month. It was super awesome that my son was so into it too! ... Read Full Story >>

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